Saturday, October 24, 2009

Waiting Children - updated

Guess what???? The precious little boy on CWA's waiting child list may have a family and sweet Josie is now "on hold" - see "Beautiful Children Who Wait" post. YAY!!!!! Thank you God!! Beautiful Anna, however, still waits. I honestly do not understand why she has waited for so long and still waits. Please help to spread the word about her as I am very worried that her file may be sent back to China soon. She is so cute and those who have posted about meeting her, say that she is very sweet and simply adorable. Again, she is at Small World Adoptions and their website is Please help this wonderful little one who just turned 2 in July.

Tonight, hopefully, 2 more children have found their families. Tomorrow, I pray it will be 3!!!


  1. I recently looked at the CWA's July 09 list adn found the most precious 8 yo girl with Type B Mediterranean Anemia. I would love nothing more than to add her to our family. I would love for you to to help me in praying for a family for her (C0907-25).

  2. We have seriously considered adopting Anna-I think we are ok with her special needs-we had an international adoption dr look them over. But Anna isn't listed with our agency. We are with Children's home society and family services and can not afford to switch. So I will join you in praying for her family to find her soon! Cara