Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween - Whatever

Yeah, not a huge Halloween fan, never liked all the scary, spooky stuff. 

I love it that the kids get so excited about dressing up and I love it that they get to bring home an insane amount of candy - really.  I mean it is the only time of year that I allow Peanut M&M's in the house - yeah baby!!!!  YUM!

So, I thought I would just post some pics from this year's Peanut M&M's quest Halloween!

We had the party the night before...

Yeah, we got to celebrate twice - yippee!

Then there was the carving of the pumpkin

then the main event

and the LOOT!

Yep, an insane amount of candy!

And the Peanut M&M's???

Well let's just say they are hidden away in a super secret location...

Best served after the kids go to bed!  Hehe!!


  1. Was that a little James Bond at the top? Too cute!

  2. OK...I think the kitty kats are the rave this year!! And what cute ones you have! And I need SOMEONE to come and take the candy from our house, so I quit getting into it...LOL!!! I'm with you on the event, fun costumes and candy, but keep the scary stuff away please. :)

  3. What great costumes! And look how much candy they brought home!

  4. Girl I think my twins were gestated(is that a word?!) on Peanut M&M's! Love, love, love them and that is some serious cuteness going on in those pics!

  5. You're a smart woman, Annie! I confiscated all the Twix bars and they are safely tucked away (what's left of them)! :) The kids looked adorable and everyone looked so happy! You have a good lookin' bunch anyway!

    Have a great weekend, my friend! :)