Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soccer is over???

So why do we continue to play????

We had our last soccer games this weekend and the very last game happen to be in my hometown, so we decided to descend spend the night with my Mom.  My parents anniversary was November the 15th and because we lost my Dad in September of last year, I just felt like Mom might need us there. 

Well, it turns out that WE needed to be there!

We have been going through some stressful times financially and really needed to just relax and enjoy each other for a while.

So, we played soccer - all - of - us

and it was FUN

and we enjoyed each other

We even tried to master the donkey scorpion kick

ALL - of - us!!!


So as it often happens, in doing something for someone else, we ended up feeling pretty good too!

Thank you Mom and we hope that just laughing at watching your 47 year old daughter try a scorpion kick, helped just a little!

I know the kids had nothin to do with it, right?

Riiiiiight?  Hehe!  Love you Mom!


  1. Soccer has a way of doing that! It is always played at my house too. Allyson has one BIG tournament this weekend (600= packed house!) and is being held at her leagues fields. Do you all have the Khol's cup? I'm not sure if you have Khol's down there or not!

  2. I got a "kick" out of this post! Just LOVE it!!! I hope your mom was able to find happiness in her memories this year.

    Annie...you are welcome to take any info from my blog. I will be posting two little boys as well. Praying that they permeate into someone's heart and will soon be united with a forever family!

  3. Oh family time is simply the best, isn't it? Glad you were all able to spend time with your mom and just enjoy the beautiful weather.
    Pretty impressive scorpion kick by the way...

  4. You are all just too cute! Can't wait to see all of you again!

  5. Oh I LOVED seeing your pics. You guys are definitely soccer lovers...without shoes? NO WAY! I am sure your momma's heart was so touched to have you guys around during this time of year and what it means for all of you. If only we can remember, as you have, that when you reach out to others, even our own needs/struggles will dim and we can minister in ways we never thought and be ministered to as well. :) HUGS!!