Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Ways to Help

So I was planning on doing this Sunday Snapshot on my sweet Caleb, but because it would have been loaded with unabashed Mommie brag and because I just subjected y'all to some heavy duty Mommie brag on my last post, A Beautiful Soul, I decided to go a different way today!

I don't know if you all are aware of a wonderful family who is desperately trying to save a young man from aging out of China's system.  This precious young man is 13 and will be 14 in January.  Janis and her family have been given a second chance at bringing this beautiful child home, but they have to act quickly and they need to raise the funds to do so!  Time is of the essence and time is running out for this child.  If you have been reading my advocacy posts lately, you will recognize him.

He is ZL and he loves computers and he needs a family.  Please, please prayerfully consider donating to this child's future.  Janis has a chip in on her blog, We're Taking Baby Steps .  Even a small amount will help to give this child a family.

There is another family who is trying to save another precious soul from aging out.  Regina and her family were in the process of adopting Alyssa, a beautiful 7 year old girl when they saw "Helen" listed with MAA and then saw that she was about to age out as well. 

God spoke to their hearts and now "Helen" is Mandi and Regina and her family will add TWO daughters to their beautiful family.  Regina has had several different fundraisers on her blog but right now it's all about T-shirts!  T-shirts for those who have heart for orphans!  Please go to their blog, here to donate and check out their cool shirts.

I also want to mention Anita and her beautiful family.  They are hard at work fundraising to bring their sweet Kaleb home!

Anita is having a really great fundraiser right now with prizes like an Ipod Touch and a Visa gift card, just to mention a couple!  Ya gotta go to their blog, He Leads Us - Faith Walking To Kaleb and check it out!  This one ends on November 20th! 

Another wonderful family I want to mention is my friend Chelsea.  This family I posted about in this week's advocacy post.  They adopted their beautiful Claire from China and are now fundraising to bring their sweet Asher home.

Please go here on my blog to read about this fabulous giveaway.  It is for an iPad and if you leave me a comment on this post, you could win a really yummy cookie bouquet!!!  Please go check it out!

Also gotta ask you to consider my beautiful friend Stephanie and her fundraising efforts.  Just like Chelsea and her family, Stephanie and her family have already adopted a daughter with CP and are now in the process of bringing home another precious little girl with CP.  Stephanie has been a source of inspiration and support for me and I have loved watching God provide for this family.  Please consider helping this family and their beautiful Kristina.  Stephanie does not have a blog but you can email her at to find out about their bake sale and their fab T-shirts too!!!

Can't stop until I mention 2 other sweet families who are trying to raise the money needed to bring their precious children home.

First is Micheal's family.

Please go here to check out their on going fundraisers!!

and last is my wonderful friend Rachel and her family.  They are trying to raise the money needed to bring their sweet Josiah home.

Josiah is a precious little boy who touches everyone he meets.  Josiah has no function in his arms and 2 clubfeet.  He cannot walk but uses his precious feet to do the things for himself that his hands cannot.  Please go to their blog, Waiting on Him to donate to this beautiful boy and his family's efforts to bring him home!

Thank you so much for considering these wonderful families as they follow God's will to bring their precious children home - and don't worry, the Mommie brag will be back for next week's Sunday Snapshot!!!  Didn't think you would get off that easy, did ya???  Hehe!

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Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. I hope these beautiful children find their families soon! Annie, I love the new photo at the top of your blog!