Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Mousey!!!

Remember this Sunday Snapshot, Mousey?  Still, when I go back and read that post, I cry!  Still, Lizzie would tell me every day, how much she misses her beloved Mousey!  Still, Lizzie prays for Mousey every night!  The loss for Lizzie (and me) was so much more than just the loss of a stuffed mouse.  It went much deeper than that and stirred up feelings within myself that I had no idea ran so deep.  For my sweet Lizzie it was another deep loss and a loss of a connection to a time when she was finally held and sang to and cuddled and kissed and loved once again! 

Then there was that glimmer of hope.  Remember this Sunday Snapshot, The Great Mousey Hunt?  After loosing mousey again in an Ebay auction, I think I began to understand the depth of loss I felt for my daughter.  Yeah, it was just a stuffed pink mouse but to me, it represented the greatest loss in her life and I felt completely helpless to "fix it" for my child.   I - broke - down!

The one beautiful thing that came out of all this loss was the response I received from all of you!!!!  It really touched my heart.  So many of you all searched and searched for another pink mousey for my Lizzie!  It was amazing!  You all are amazing!!!

Well, one very special person who just happen to read about Lizzie beloved lost mousey, decided that she just had to do something - and - do - something - she - did!  Kathryn read about mousey and emailed me.  She explained that she belonged to a knitting group and she just knew that her one of her immensely talented friends would be able to knit a mousey twin for sweet Lizzie.  To say that my broken Momma's heart leaped for joy, would be such an understatement!!!  I was beside myself thinking that my sweet girl and her beloved mousey would once again be together, that this little stuffed mouse who meant so much to Lizzie (and me) would finally be here again to comfort and remind my Lizzie of the time when her heart began to heal and her life began to change and she - was - once - again - loved! 

Well, after many emails back and forth...

 Are you ready????

Lizzie and Mousey are reunited!!!

And a small part of Lizzie's heart (and mine) is healed!

This is what I saw when I checked on the girls before bed...

Mousey will never heal Lizzie's whole heart but for now, all is right in Lizzie land and as my sweet girl told me last night, "Mom, now when it's thundering, I can just hold mousey and hug her and I won't be scared anymore!"  Oh sweet girl, I pray that the comfort you learn from mousey and all that she represents will help to comfort your heart - always.  I pray she will help you to remember the time that love was once again found for you. 

Thank you so much Kathryn and everyone who reached out to my sweet girl.  You have done so much more than simply replacing a lost lovey.  You have replaced that beautiful connection to the time in Lizzie's life that love began.

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Ni Hao Y'all


  1. oh my goodness what a sweet post...I do understand the loss and that feeling you must of had Annie : ( I lost Addison's blanket in China the last day of our trip. I was crying and sick to my stomach over it...She attached to it the moment she was placed in my arms and it was gone...another loss. We were lucky that one of the cleaning ladies in the hotel found it : ) {{{{hug}}}} to you and to the person that made your baby girls dreams come true...that woman is very special.

  2. Oh my! There are no words....and my face is streaked with happy tears. Kudos to my dear friend Melissa B. for knitting Mousey's twin!

    Thanks for posting the pics and videos!

  3. Annie,
    This just made my heart smile! How precious!

  4. Awww...Annie, that is so awesome!!! Bless Melissa B for knitting Mousey! The joy and happiness you see on Lizzie's face - just wow!!


  5. Annie....I know, I KNOW!!! I bought Kaylin a pink little bunny lovey/blankie...just one before we adopted her as I did not know if she would like it. Well, she LOVED her bunny from the beginning. And then...I knew I had to find a replacement because bunny was lost at one point and that sickening feeling of what was she going to do welled up in my stomach and spirit so quickly. Luckily, I did find them on eBay and have NEVER paid the "whatever it cost" quick buy before, but boy I sure did that time.

    Such a blessing of comfort to your momma's heart, but also to Lizzie's heart for the gift that Kathryn so willingly made for her. And unless you've walked these days with your adopted children, you cannot fully understand those heart cries. So glad we do! HUGS!

  6. That is such a wonderful gift! The search is over ~ whew!