Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amazing Lizzie

Well, God certainly did answer our prayers yesterday!  Lizzie came through her final hand surgery in true Lizzie style and was ready for action as soon as the loopy drugs wore off!  Even with the loopy meds in her, she did not stop talking, in the recovery room, in the hallway, in the parking garage, in the car - well you get the picture!  LOL!

We started the morning with the boys glued to the TV watching and waiting for the word that school was cancelled!  I started the morning trying to make arrangements for a possible delayed start or cancellation and trying to make sure that the eldest would get to his school and the other 2 would get to theirs.  Thank goodness Em was spending the night with wonderful JuJu and thank goodness for our wonderful next door neighbors who were "on call" for whatever we might need them for!  So as soon as we got the word that there would be a 3 hour delay for 2 of them and a 2 hour delay for the eldest (they couldn't coordinate, could they!) and arrangements were made, we were off - in the freezing rain and sleet - at 6:20 in the morning!  Lizzie decided that she needed to wear her sister's "headlight" - cause it was dark! 

Makes sense right?  She was quite the sight in her PJ's and headlight and it was all I could do to get her to leave it in the car!

Once we got settled in to the pre-op area, she began to remember.  She has been through this before and her fear began to set in. 

These nurses are well prepared though and out came the paints - and then the loopy meds...

and then they wheeled her away.

Even though she was not crying (thank you loopy meds), she was looking back at me and softly calling for me!!!!  OK, can you hook me up with the loopy meds, cause I always cry at this point! 

The Lord watched over her though and she was done faster than it took to get her back there! 

Recovery was better than last time as well. 

She was just a little fussy when she woke up but at least she refrained from whacking the doctor!!!  Yep, the last time she had a hand surgery, our little firecracker was NOT happy and took it out on the poor unsuspecting anesthesiologist by using his face to see just how strong her cast really was!!!  LOL!  Yep, we were back at the doc's office later that afternoon having to get a new cast for our little slugger!!!  Hehe!

I guess they got smart this time and ditched the cast for a very secure (yeah right) but very soft bandage, which they asked want Lizzie to keep on for 3 to 4 days!  Heh!  I tried to tell them that our little Lizzie is very active and very hard headed.  They once again assured me that it was a very secure bandage! 


So we left the hospital with bandage and head light

and headed out into the freezing rain and sleet - to - go - home...

or so we thought!

You see, we live in the South where people panic when there is freezing rain and sleet and things like bridges get closed at the very hint of freezing rain and sleet! 

See where I am going here???

We were stuck.  Stuck on the other side of the bridge and could not get home!!! 

After one trip to CVS (for a promised treat), a lot of phone calls home (to the boys who were screaming with delight cause the bridges were closed and there was no school - the little stinkers), a lot of riding around and finally just parking on the side of the road and waiting - they opened the bridges and we went home!!!!

After just a bit of snuggling on the sofa, a little bit of Caillou on the TV and a few books, my little Lizzie was ready to play...

Only just this morning did she say that her hand was hurting and that was only after I asked!  This little one just soaks up life and doesn't want to miss a single thing!  I am so thankful everyday that God led us down His path right to our little Lizzie and even though at times He led me kicking and screaming I cannot imagine our lives without our sweet, determined little girl! 

Thank you to all who were praying for Lizzie yesterday.  She was obviously wrapped in your prayers!


  1. Ann, I'm so glad she came through surgery so well! However, I just feel awful because I hadn't checked your blog because on my side bar your blog post title never changed from Sunday: Blossom's wheelchair so I thought you hadn't posted! I didn't know little Lizzie was going to have surgery. I feel badly. I would have wanted to pray for you guys! Guess I'll have to be praying for recovery and quick healing! She is a firecracker for sure! One special kiddo!

  2. SO GLAD that Lizzie did well. I will pray for SPEEDY recovery.
    HAD to laugh at her "headlight" and the last cast story!

  3. I am so happy that all went well!!!! (I am having the same trouble as Heather with your blog for some reason. Your new posts do not pop up. I have to specifically go out to your blog.)

  4. Annie, I'm not seeing your posts either, but all of a sudden a whole bunch came through! I hope you all are doing well and I'm praying that Lizzie is recovering quickly.