Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Have you every played Little Bunny Foo Foo with your child?  You know, it is the song that requires making rabbit ears (the peace sign) with your fingers and apparently bopping poor little unsuspecting field mice on the head until the deranged bunny gets turned into a duck - and then the pecking commences!!!  I am thinking there might be a market for field mice Tylenol!  I'm just saying!! 

The girls really enjoy that song (insert big brothers for field mice and you know why they enjoy it so)!

Anyway, a while back Lizzie came to me and asked, "Mommie, can the doctors fix my hand (her right hand) so I can do Little Bunny Foo Foo with these fingers?" 

OK, just how fast can a Momma get to the phone???  Give me enough time to hug my child, wipe away my tears and I am there in about a minute tops! 

Lizzie has had 2 hand surgeries, one on her right hand and one on her left.  Her left hand is a bit more functional as the first two fingers were separated down further giving them more independent movement - Little Bunny Foo Foo movement!

The fingers on her right hand, however, were not separated quite as far down and she needs them to be - to do Little Bunny Foo Foo - and to have greater function. 

Lizzie is quite functional right now and I always hesitate and get a little sad before these surgeries because I love her little hands - just - the - way - they - are.  I think she was perfectly made and it - was - her - hands - that led me to her, that helped me to know that she was our daughter, the one that God had been preparing me for ever since I was a child.  Her hands are my brother's hands and they are beautiful! 

So I struggle a bit on nights like tonight, right before her surgery, right before they change her hands.  I don't ever want her to think that her hands weren't perfectly made or that her hands weren't beautiful to me or that they somehow needed to be changed to help her "fit in."  Knowing Lizzie the way I do, she WILL fit in wherever she goes or else!!!  There is quite a lot of firecracker in that 26 pound body!!

No, her hands are totally kissable, totally beautiful and totally perfect, except... 

She wants to do Little Bunny Foo Foo and who am I to tell her that she can't.  Her hand will be just as beautiful to me after tomorrow as it is right now but it will be just a tad more functional and in a world full of computers and Ipod's and Nintendos and and and , that tad little bit will help so much.

So, my beautiful perfect little Lizzie will have her surgery tomorrow and again, knowing her the way I do, will be doing her Little Bunny Foo Foo VERY soon! 

Please keep her, her doctors and her recovery in your prayers!  I will of course have to post some video of that wonderful deranged bunny as soon as Lizzie is ready - maybe tomorrow afternoon!!!  Hehe!!!


  1. Oh Annie, we should really talk sometime! My hopes hands and feet are JUST like Lizzie's... And she has had a finger separation done, and has just asked for her other finger to be done. She also has webbed toes..with only one actual toe visible. She wants her other toes separated so that she can wear flip flops this this summer. I feel just as you do...she is beautiful and perfect just the way she is...and I love her sweet hands and feet, yet I know how she is now yearning to have some things more similar to her siblings. Sigh....
    We have an appointment in 2 weeks with her surgeon to discuss further separations, so I know where you are at.
    I will pray for darling Lizzie, and for you...who loves her, for her--every inch of her!
    Blessings to you today!!

    Amy Dinello

  2. I will be praying and post and let us know how she does!I think you are so right she was perfectly made by God and I also know you want her to have the best! Thats what us mamas do! God Bless you all!

  3. Annie, I know what you mean about loving her hands just the way they are! I grieved when the surgeon took off my Declan's "little ear" so that he could get his much-asked for prosthetic ear. I still miss that little ear - it was so kissable, but he LOVES his new ear and feels so confident in public now. I will be praying tomorrow for little Lizzie's surgeon to have steady hands to work on hers :)

  4. I will be praying for you all. I feel the same way when I look at my Emma's hands. Those hands and feet led us to her and as many trials that may come, they are perfect to me in every way. You are in my prayers.

  5. Hello precious Annie. It has been too long since I popped over. I am thinking about you and your princess as you face another op. She is such an amazing little girl and how blessed she is to have a mamma who loved her as deeply as you do. Your heart touches my heart so much! Praying for you this week and sending MUCH love.