Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Birthday Charlie

Say it ain't so!!!!! 

My sweet little mischievous Charlie,

who used to love to cuddle up right next to me at night with his sweet little hand on my cheek

making sure that my hand was on his cheek - is 11 years old?????

Please tell me how that happened!  Wasn't it just yesterday that we were seriously looking for a "full body helmet" for my crazy active 2 year old?  Seriously!!!

That is NOT is normal nose!!  Hehe!

Most days, he still needs a full body helmet...

or maybe even just regular helmet - Charlie!  Hint Hint!!

Charlie was a handful from the get go and was born with only one volume control - LOUD!

As a little one, Charlie played hard, cried hard, laughed hard and loved with his whole heart.

These days, we don't see much tears, just joy and love, lots and lots of love!!! 

He is my sweet sensitive soul who has a huge heart for those in need but will throw down (I mean literally throw down - to the ground - what is it with boys) with his friends and is the life of the party!  He is the peacemaker, unless, of course, he is the one disturbing the peace!  Hehe!  There is never a quiet dull moment when my sweet Charlie is around and I treasure every single second I have with him. 

It is in the late hours of the night that we have our nicest conversations and I get to truly see what a beautiful soul this 11 year old of mine has. 

Even though he will always be my sweet little blond haired 2 year old,

he is growing up

and it is wwaayy too fast for me - still no M games - sorry Charlie!

So we celebrate Charlie today and in true Charlie fashion, he had a bazillion a few of his friends over to throw down play

There was cake, chocolate, chocolate cake...

that the girls enjoyed...

really enjoyed

and a few quiet (kind of) moments for presents, the only time he sat still!

We ended the "throw down" with the yearly burning of the Christmas tree!  Yeah, fire and a bunch of 11 year old boys???  Probably not the smartest thing we have ever done!!  Hehe!

My sweet Charlie, your love of life, and your ability to laugh at yourself, will take you far.   Your beautiful soul will take you farther!  We love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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  1. He is precious Annie! What a special Birthday celebration you had for him : ) My Kaish just turned 11 in January. I am still in shock. 11 seems so old. SO GROWN UP! : ) He is a cutie!

  2. Sounds like a super cool kid, but then again, we know you have cool kids 'cause you're a cool mom! Happy Birthday, Charlie. Your party looked like fun!

  3. What wonderful photos! Happy birthday, Charlie!

  4. Time flies, doesn't it? He's adorable!


  5. Happy Birthday, Charlie!! Looks like a GREAT birthday!
    What an incredibly special young man he has grown up to be :)

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday to your precious boy. I know, friend, I am soooooo with you---why must they grow up so darn fast?????

  7. Happy Birthday Charlie!! What an adorable child! My baby boy turns 12 tomorrow so I know exactly how you are felling right now!! Annie thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for all of our beautiful waiting children!!

  8. So sweet! It is so hard on us moms, huh?! I am right behind you as Max will be 10 next month. Ugg. It goes way too fast. Happy Birthday, Charlie!!!!