Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are you ready for some FOOTBAAAAAALLLLLL!!

pic courtesy of one of the kids - don't know which one but I didn't take it!  LOL!

Yep, that's right, Flag Football started, and yes, right after Soccer!!  Ugh!  Thank goodness this is all on ONE day and all at the SAME field - no drivng all over creation.   However, our Saturday's full of football usually start around 8:30 in the morning and last until about 2:00 in the afternoon and on days like today...

It can be painful!!  LOL! 

I know, I know, I am certain 38 degrees probably feels like a spring day to all of you in the great white north, but to us thin skinned southerners, it is PAINFUL, y'all!!!

However, if we didn't brave the cold, we would miss this...

or this...

or this...

or this..,

couldn't help myself - that was one BIG dog!!!  Hehe!!

and I wouldn't have conversations with those around me who were obviously meant to be there and be touched by Lizzie and her story. 

At the beginning of every new season, there are new parents who look at little Lizzie and say how cute she is.  These "Lizzie newbies" don't expect to see the dynamo that is our Lizzie, on the soccer/football field and it is always so much fun to see the expression on their faces when she is handed the ball and off she goes!!!  She usually draws quite the crowd!  Hehe!!

Well, after watching little Lizzie make her 3rd touch down of the game one of the moms from the other team started talking to me about Lizzie and how amazing she is.  Of course being the gloating proud Momma that I am, I proceeded to say, "Well, let me tell you about her journey!"  I then began to tell her about Lizzie's sweet little foot and how it was turned completely backwards and upside down and how we chose to cast her foot and how (obviously) great she is doing now.  I don't normally share all of this on the football field but I felt led to do so that day.  Turns out, wouldn't ya know it, that this "mom from the other team" had a sister who was getting ready to give birth to her first child - with - clubfeet!!!!!  I was able to give her some info on casting for clubfeet and some wonderful internet resourses that had helped us in deciding on Lizzie's treatment. 

Later that SAME day, I began talking to a mom of one of the kids on Charlie's team.  We had spoken before and had spoken of our faith and our families but on this day the conversation turned to adoption.  Lizzie was not around at the beginning of our conversation so when I heard that her hubby traveled to China for work, I immediately told her that we had aopted our beautiful youngest daughter from China and began to share Lizzie's story.  She told me with tears in her eyes that they had prayed about adoption but had not felt the calling - yet.  At that point, Lizzie came flying up to me, yelling "mommie, mommie," and gave me the biggest hug!  Her tears were flowing at that point.  Did we plant a seed?  I pray so. 

I felt His presense with us that day.

Lizzie has touched many hearts and if it takes a friendly game of flag football to move those hearts so be it!

So, we will continue to trudge out to the field (football or soccer) and we will continue to cheer for our (warning, mommie brag ahead) very talented kiddos

and we will continue to take His lead with the inspiration that is our little Lizzie!!

Hand surgery???  What hand surgery!!!!  LOL!


  1. Great pics! So very cute! And 38? I so was 17 as we headed to INDOOR soccer practice!

  2. Wow. So awesome that you had so many opportunities to bless others during one day of football! Loved the pics!