Friday, January 28, 2011


My dear sweet old Kendal, that is.  Poor Kendal has had a tough go of it lately and my heart breaks for this dear sweet old guy!

If you have been around for a while, you know that we foster doggies and about 2 years ago, sweet Kendal made his way to our home.  A wonderful organization found out that this dear sweet old guy had been tossed aside after his elderly owner died and the family couldn't be bothered to take in their father's beloved pet, the pet that, more than likely, had given him much love and joy.  Sigh!!!  I really do not understand how some people close their eyes at night and sleep peacefully.

Anyway, sweet old Kendal was with us for 9 MONTHS, and for a foster, that is a LONG time!  It was so hard to let him go (here) but he was going to another elderly couple and I just knew they would spoil him rotten - and - they - did!! 

Unfortunately, Kendal's very sweet new Mom recently got diagnosed with cancer and could no longer care for him.  My heart just broke for sweet Kendal and his Mom.  She is the dearest little lady and I know how much she loved him. 

So, Kendal is back

and he has aged - so much!  I was shocked to see just how much he has aged.  I am not sure he can see very well and he has gotten much, um, rounder

He is the same old sweet Kendal who loves balls and toys and food but he is really showing his age.  This couple had sweet Kendal for 1 1/2 and in the life of an elderly dog - that - is - a lot!!! 

He was obviously loved (just not exercised very much).  She sent 2 dog bowls, a chew toy, his gigantic dog bed and a pill organizer for his seizure meds! 

It makes me very sad that she had to give him up.  I can just imagine how much comfort he would have brought to her during this very hard time in her life and I just want to cry for her and for Kendal.  He is just made for giving love and comfort and asks for very little in return!

He is figuring out the dog door once again but the stairs are proving to be a huge problem.  He has either forgotten how to maneuver them or simply cannot because of his arthritis. 

There is no way out of our house or to the dog door, without going up and down stairs, which means I have to lift him up the stairs when he goes outside to (ahem) potty!  He is BIG, y'all and heavy and my back is feeling his presence!  Any suggestions???  I honestly don't think he could even handle the incline of a ramp.  Do they make "Jenny Craig" for doggies?? 

Welcome back sweet Kendal, even our wonderful Lily (you know our other foster doggie who never left!!!),

is warming up to you!  It is hard not to!

Dear Kendal, I hope your forever family is looking for you right now and if not, maybe you will just live out the remainder of your days right here - but we gotta work on that waist line, dawg!!!  Hehe!


  1. Annie -

    What a sweet old boy he is!

    We have an old boy too and his back has given out on him, so his back legs don't work very well anymore.

    So we have taken a beach towel and we slide it underneath him around his waist and hold the towel to guide him that way. It takes a bit to go up and down the stairs, but it works.

    Maybe you could try that?

    Hope he finds his Forever family soon.

    Hugs to Kendal.


  2. What a sweet boy he is! I wish I had a suggestion for you. Best wishes.

  3. This is my third try to comment- ugh...

    That sweet doggy is very happy to be back with you! I am sure he LOVED his previous owner but he is lookin content!

    He may need low cal doggy food for the waist of his! ;-)

    I'm guessin that sweet boy will be staying! It's kinda like adopting an 85 yr old man- it aint gonna happen! ;-)

  4. Ann,
    They do make senior dog foods that are lo-cal but be careful. when we put our golden on them we found out that they are ful of extra fiber and she had to potty about 8 times a day-including the middle of the night. Is it his vision that is making the stairs hard? can you lead him holding his collar? Does he take any meds for the arthritis? We used plain aspirin for Samantha.