Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh If...

If I had this energy

If I had this energy, I could, well...

RUN!  Heh!!

Christian is a bit like his Momma in that he (dare I say it), he actually likes to exercise. 

His sister, on the other hand is a bit more like her father

In that she considers exercising about as much fun as...

well, exercising!  Hehe!

The other day, the exerciser decided that his sister,

the non exerciser needed to work on her speed.

It was going great and she was having fun, until...

she figured out

that she was exercising:)

No worries though

The exerciser just got to exercise a bit more by

running with a weight:) 

That's my boy:)

Worked out great for them both!  Hehe!