Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Blossom

This is a Sunday Snapshot that I was not really sure I would ever get to write.

This is a Sunday Snapshot that I have dreamed about writing.

This is a Sunday Snapshot that I am now writing with awe and thankfulness and praise to our Heavenly Father, who has answered a prayer, many prayers.

This Sunday Snapshot is all about Blossom.

Do you remember sweet, precious Blossom?

Blossom who has severe cerebral palsy.

Blossom who charms everyone she meets with her smile.

Blossom who now has a wheelchair thanks to you all, Blossom's New Wheels 

Blossom who....

NOW HAS A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord this precious, perfect child of God is finally coming home!!!!!!!! 

This story, Blossom and Pam's story, is an incredible journey of faith and was truly and completely orchestrated by the Lord.

I have to tell you just a small part of how the Lord's plan began to be revealed to me and then I want to direct you to Pam's blog, Along The Blossom Trail to read the rest of the story!  Only God could weave this beautiful a tapestry!

I began to advocate for sweet Blossom in the Spring of 2010.  The more I learned about her the more I realized how hard she would be to place but I also learned how incredibly special she was and how she touched the very souls of all who met her and it made me more determined than ever. 

The families who met her stressed to me the fact that Blossom could not do anything for herself.  She could not feed herself, she could not speak, she could not walk, she could not even sit up, but she could communicate through her eyes, her beautiful eyes and through her smile that just took your breath away.  They told me that she loved to be around people, she loved music and loved to be in the center of things, to watch the world around her, the world that she just could not physically participate in.

Knowing all of this made her advocacy hard but I look back now and know that it was the Lord who kept writing those posts, it was the Lord who kept me hopeful that one day - one day, this precious child would come home. 

I had moments of doubt and moments of weakness and I prayed like crazy for Blossom.

I remember one day in particular when I was praying very hard for her.  I was praying and feeling doubtful and discouraged that she may never come home and then...

Then I heard it.  I heard Him so clearly.  I heard the Lord tell my heart that He had already chosen a family for Blossom and for me not to worry because He was already working on their hearts.  It came over me so strongly and I felt instant peace and joy and so I continued on, in my advocacy for her.

However, 3 weeks went by and still nothing.  Did I ever tell you how patience is not my thing???  Hehe!

So, I once again began to doubt and right around this time, something else happened that made me question whether or not I was doing the right thing by advocating for her.  She was in a wonderful group foster home and they really were taking excellent care of her.  Maybe she was better off there??? 

I know, serious lapse of faith.

Once again the Lord answered me LOUD and CLEAR!

One Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church, I once again began to pray, really pray.  I asked God to show me what to do.  I asked God to show me if I should continue to advocate for this beautiful child.  I just was not sure and I pleaded with Him to guide me, and you know what?

I got dressed, walked out to the kitchen, opened my computer and there it was...


There, on my computer, was the first of many emails I was to get from PAM - Blossom's new mother!!!!!

That very morning, that morning of doubt, Pam sent this beautiful email to me:

Hi, my name is Pam. The Lord has put Blossom on mine and many other peoples heart who are close to me. My children and I would like to inquire more information on adopting this beautiful and special little girl that God has created. Is she still looking for a forever family? I look forward to hearing from you real soon. May God bless you in all that you do. Thank you for your time.

I was shaking and crying and praising the Lord.  Much like when Pam called me just this week to tell me that she had PA for her sweet Blossom!!!


Pam is such a wonderfully faithful mother of 4 who loves Blossom completely and was ever patient and true throughout the incredibly LONG wait for her file to be updated and resubmitted.  Pam works with adults who have very similar if not worse health issues so she knows what lies ahead for Blossom and for their family and she just cannot wait to love Blossom and care for her, forever.  Her children are teenagers and older and are all so excited about Blossom.  They have also, all agreed to be there for Blossom - forever! 

Pam's wonderful sis-in-law (who had emailed me that wonderful day as well and is she, herself, bringing TWO home from China) is a physical therapist and was the channel through which the Lord spoke to Pam's heart for sweet Blossom. 

There are so many "God" moments in Pam and Blossom's journey.  You have got to here to read the rest of the story!

Thank you Pam for having such a heart! 

Thank you Pam for loving precious Blossom enough to bring her home and be her Momma!  The love that you already have for her just feeds my soul.

Thank you Lord for bringing this family to this child and in the process bringing me closer to You!

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  1. I am crying my eyes out. What a beautiful post. What a beautiful girl. I love your Blossom. Praying for Pam and Blossom and their family right this second.

  2. GOD is awesome! How thankful I am that GOD lead Pam to Blossom. It is wonderful to see GOD work on behalf of these Wonderful Waiting Children!

  3. This post is beautiful. Thank you for being such a prayer warrior and advocate for the fatherless. What an encouraging testimony you gave to how incredible our God is.

  4. Praise the Lord, I remember Blossom and this is just an act of God. Congratulations to her new family!

  5. Oh my gracious sakes. Tears and goosebumps! Glory to God! :)

  6. What a beautiful post. Your advocating for this little girl has found her a forever family, what a great gift you have given her and her family to be!

  7. This is fantastic! I think all of us who follow your blog feel like we know Blossom! So happy mom and daughter have found each other! Just shows how important advocacy and prayer are!

  8. Annie! I know how amazing this is for you personally. What a witness of God's love for the fatherless! Your willingness to submit to His leading in your life has saved this Child and brought an unequalled blessing to Pam and her children!

  9. I remember Blossom so well, especially when you worked to get Blossom her wheels - she has been on my heart and in my prayers, and I know how much this little girl has meant to you. This post is truly beautiful! The beginning of this post took my breath away as I dared to hope that you were writing that Blossom had a family and the tears continued to well up as I read and saw her beautiful smile over and over again - and when I finally saw the words that she had a family, it was an all-out bawl. PRAISE GOD - how truly awesome!

  10. Oh joy! AMAZING story of Pam! God shows us his will!!

  11. How amazing! God is truly awesome!!!!

  12. OH goodie! What an amazing TEAM you and GOD are!!!