Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - 14!!

Do you remember turning 14?

I don't.

Not really.

I mean 13...


I was finally a teenager!  Whoo Hoo!!


Yeah buddy, driver's permit here I come, followed by many sleepless nights for Mom and Dad...

Well Mom anyway:)

But 14, pretty unremarkable, right?

Well, apparently not so with my eldest who just happened to turn 14 on Wednesday.

He turned 14 and all of a sudden his voice is deeper, his face is pimplier and he actually cares about what he wears and how he smells ie: the cloud of "Axe" he leaves behind every morning!  Hehe!

14 has turned out to be a bigger deal than I remember. 

He is changing right before my eyes and I am not sure I am ready.

On some days, these changes are just so cool.

I mean we can actually have a real conversation, conversations about things other than dump trucks, Pokemon or the latest Transformer.

Well, ok maybe still the Transformer!  Heh!

We can "hang" together, laugh at the same things and talk about the future, his future, with him!

Very cool!

There are some days, however, that I really miss being able to hold him and comfort him and make it all better with a kiss and a snuggle.

When Christian was about 2 years old, his favorite thing ever was to be rocked in his rocking chair

in the middle of the night!

I will never forget being awakened every night to my sweet little boy asking to be rocked.

He had to have his pacy and his blanky (both blankies) and his 2 stuffed doggies, Bo and Ginger.

Only then, was all right in his 2 year old world

Not sure that would work in his 14 year old world!  Sigh!

We would rock and rock and as tired as I was and as tempting as my warm bed was, I tried to memorize every detail of those nights because I knew in my Momma's heart that those days would fly by...

and - they - did!

I will never, ever get rid of this chair

Clash as it might with the rest of my house, it is a permanent fixture and a permanent reminder!

So, 14???

In 14 years my sweet Christian has grown into such a responsible, compassionate, handsome young man and we are all very proud of him!

We are thinking about high schools for next year, gulp! 

He is ready...

I am not sure that I am:) 

He is playing in a U15 soccer league this year and is not one of the smallest kids on the field anymore, and is sometimes one of the biggest.

Yep, 14 is a big deal and he wears it well!

Happy Birthday baby boy! 

Sorry, couldn't help myself!  Hehe!

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  1. Happy birthday to Christian! I love your post--and especially the photos of little Christian. :)