Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Birthday - and the Winners Are???

First of all, I would like to announce the winners of my giveaway from last week's Sunday Snapshot

Congrats to The Raundenbush Family, China Calls and Cindi Campbell!!

Please email Tammy at to claim your beautiful prize.  You can go to Tammy's wonderful blog, Be A Voice to see her fabulous jewerly!!

OK, for this week's Sunday Snapshot, I have a guest blogger, gulp...

Fall is in the air, there is a chill at night, football is on TV.....It must be about time for Annie's birthday! That's right regular readers, Annie is having a birthday tomorrow. When she told me last night that she was going to write her own birthday post, I told her, that was unacceptable.

So, here I am writing my first post on her blog. By the way, I'm the hubby of our clan.

You might think that you know Annie from her blogging. A lot of who she is does come through, but she is so much more. Let me tell you about some of the various relationships in this house......

Annie and our eldest boy, Christian.

Annie has high expectations for Christian. Being the oldest, she puts more on him then the rest of the mob. When he isn't looking (and sometimes when he is) she absolutely glows with pride over this kid. From complements from other parents about his manners to seeing that he has developed an exercise program for himself, I think Annie sees a bit of herself in him.

Man child #2, Charlie.

Charlie and Annie are always in a hurry. His delivery was fast (only about 10 minutes after we got to hospital!) - yikes.  This kid is loud and chatty and I think Annie sees a lot of me in him. School comes easily for Charlie, so not a whole of effort goes into it. Hence, it is Annie's mission to fix that and insure that he puts in more than enough effort.

Youngest boy in the house, Caleb.

Caleb is Annie's anchor to early motherhood.  Caleb tries to run with his older bothers, and most of the time is quite successful. However, if someone is going to get hurt, it is likely to be this one.  After which, momma bear can then come out take care of whomever injured her boy (namely boy #1 and #2) and then nurse the injured child (namely boy #3) back to health.

Girlie #1, Emmeline.

Mini-Annie! When this one showed up, I remember telling Annie how great it had been to see the boys enjoying the same things that I like to do. Now, Emmeline wants to be a "Mommy just like Mommy." Annie encourages Em to explore all of her attributes, both "mommy games" and soccer games. I do believe that Annie treasures Em's desire to be just like her.

Girlie #2, Lizzie

Last child to date. Annie frets and rejoices over, and worries and delights in this child. The bond she has created with Lizzie is unique in that it is crafted without that physical bond or pregnancy that was so special to Annie. Annie likes to say that Lizzie grew in her heart, just not under it.


and lastly, because that is where husbands go for a few years (I hope this is temporary!), yours truly. Annie is my stability.  She keeps me grounded when I feel like I should try life without a net, maybe even without a tight rope! Most of all, she is my love. She works tirelessly (up before 5, bed after midnight) to keep our family running. She cooks for all of us (multiple meals cause nobody likes the same things!), plays chauffeur, tucks all the kids into bed under clean sheets, and still finds the time to tell me how much she loves me.

She is my superwomen and I'll love her forever.

Happy birthday darling, and I promise not to tell everybody that you are 5 years older then I am......oops

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  1. Love it!! Happy birthday Annie!

  2. What a sweet post! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Annie!! Looks like you already have all your "presents!" Too cute. :)

  4. What a sweet beautiful tribute! Happy Birthday, Annie! i pray you have a wonderful day!

  5. Great guest blogger! Happy Birthday, Annie - you are such an incredible woman and I pray that this year showers you with blessings. Much love!

  6. What an awesome post, Chris! You did fail to mention something our precious little 7 year old informed you of last summer about Annie. "She's your boss." LOL :)

    LOVE YOU, ANNIE! So glad you had a wonderful birthday!!! You deserve it!! :)