Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don't know why I was surprised???

I mean this is our house...

So why would I be surprised..

That this child

brought this home

Meet Oops the turtle

I think this is the teeniest turtle I have ever seen

Christian named this teeny tiny turtle when he almost ran over him with his bike. 

He carefully picked him up and carried him, where else,


Now you all know that I love animals

Really love animals

I mean I don't eat meat and all

Even bacon!

I really love animals!

But turtles???

I just don't do turtles, but...

He was very cute, so...

We borrowed our neighbor's aquarium and got him all settled in for the night.

Unfortunately, little Oops was either too sick or too little or we just didn't know what the heck we were doing and little Oops didn't make it through the night.  Sigh...

I think I will stick with animals of the furry kind!

Although he was awfully cute:)


  1. Oh my. :( Poor Oops. :( What a cute turtle though!

  2. I also don't eat meat, save for some occasional seafood. And I'm not a turtle person, but that is definitely one cute teeny tiny turtle. Poor Oops! I love that you got an aquarium to make him comfy, though. I love your heart, hence the reason your house is literally a zoo - canines, cats, children, and for one night, a turtle?! :-) That first picture of Caleb with all your doggies is scary - hehe! Hearing that you have five is one thing, but a picture is worth a thousand words - and they aren't teeny tiny dogs, either! :-)

  3. You are so sweet and really tried! So sorry Oops didn't make it! He really was cute!


  4. Annie! How many dogs do you have in that house??!! All you'd need is one like ours and you'd be finished - check out the hair combing on my blog today...

  5. Me too - have been a veggie for almost 30 years. Bless you for loving the animals too xxxx

  6. That is the cutest little turtle!!

    I brought everything home as a child- turtles, salamanders, snakes, injured ducklings, injured birds, injured bunnies, pregnant cats and I bought a dog for $10!

    You are a great Mom!! (I had a great Mom, too!)

  7. Brice has a turtle. We bought "Ranger" when he was about the size of Oops. That was when Brice was 3. He is about to turn 14. :)