Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pause - Eliza!!!

I interrupt the regularly scheduled "Provisions Post" to bring you Eliza!
This child has touched my heart and the minute I saw her video, I knew I had to try all that I could to find this precious child's forever family.
Beautiful Eliza waits and she waits at our Lizzie's orphanage and her time is running out!
Beautiful Eliza is deaf and will age out in MARCH!
To read her file and to watch her video is inspiring!  All that this wonderful child has had to overcome!  It is incredible to watch her face, beaming as she dances for the interviewers.  Dancing and signing so beautifully and proudly.

How I would love to know that she would one day be able to dance for her Mom and Dad, for her face to beam at them as theirs beam back at her, for them to tell her how proud they are of her!  Please consider this beautiful child before she looses that chance forever!

Eliza is said to be kindhearted, gentle and polite.  

Her file states that, she also gives money to beggars on streets and makes birthday cards for foster parents when they celebrate their birthdays. It is said that she once cooked dishes for younger brother and sister and when the foster mother was sick and in the hospital and when her foster mother came home, she had already washed dishes and cleaned the floor. She also helped the younger sister take a shower and change clothes. The foster mother was deeply touched by this.

Praying this child finds her forever family!! Please watch her amazing video and have your heart moved!
Email me at 5puppies@comcast.net to review her file and please help to spread the word about beautiful Eliza!


  1. Oh Annie, I sat here with tears rolling down my face after reading what it said about her and watching her dance! Praying for her family!!!

    Love, Tammy

    1. Oh Tammy! I know! I have been to that orphanage and I so want this precious child to find her family! It breaks my heart to think about what her life will be like if she ages out and what her life could be like if she finds a family!!!! Sigh!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't she Jill??? Praying she does not age ou!

  3. Dearest Annie, I heard the song this morning about Jesus with the words "break my heart for what breaks yours", and now this beautiful girl. I pray Jesus will break a family's heart for her!!! My heart yearns for her to find a family.

    1. You know, Laura, that is what I pray just about everyday!!!! I think He has been breaking my heart for these kiddos, even when I was a young child, I just recognize it now! I wish more hearts would break for these precious ones!!! Thank you sweet Laura!