Saturday, August 18, 2012

Provision - Post #4

Sorry, it has taken me a while to finish up my Provision Posts.

I have been a little busy

trying to fit a little more of this in

and this

before this starts on Monday.

and of course, I am always busy doing this

If you haven't joined my advocacy site, ya gotta go look! 
I now have wonderful waiting kids from Poland, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Taiwan and of course, China!








Seriously, so many precious faces, just waiting for their forever families to find them!
So, enough excuses, let's get back to the Lord's provision
Some of you all may remember this post,  Ni Hao Y'all

Well, back in July, my sweet bloggy friends Cherie (With Grateful Hearts) and Stephanie (Ni Hao Y'all) decided that they were going to completely bless us by posting about our situation and our fund raising efforts.

They wrote the sweetest posts and just when I needed them!

The Lord provided for me that day, a renewed sense of just knowing that He is always working...


So fast forward about a month...

The wait was getting a bit harder as the days went by with no job, but the Lord's timing is just always so perfect.

He knew what we needed and He knew when we needed it.

You see, we did not know for sure just how much had been raised from those 2 beautiful posts, until...

we needed to know.

A month after those 2 beautiful posts, just when we needed it, we finally knew just how much had been raised and when we found out, we understood just how much the Lord wanted us to know that He would bring our sweet girl home!

Y'all, there was just about half of what we needed in that account!


In a little less than a month, from those 2 beautiful posts, we had almost half of what we needed to bring our precious child home!

The Lord provides!
Three amazing families donated a large amount of money and while I have thanked 2 of those families, I do not know who the 3rd family is, so...
if your last name starts with an "S" and you donated a very generous amount of money to help bring our sweet daughter home and you are comfortable letting me know who you are, please email me!!!  I would LOVE to be able to thank you personally.

I needed to see that and I needed to see it, that day.

The Lord provides!

I keep going back to Matthew6:26

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?
We are hanging on to this as we wait for the Lord to provide a job for hubby.
He has provided a beautiful summer for us, despite hubby's job loss.
He has provided for our daily needs and...
He is definitely providing the way to bring our precious XM home! 

We know that He will provide that job, in His time and we are determined to stay 



and faithful
while we wait

After all, we are waiting for her too and
 It looks like she is ready, wouldn't ya say!

I imagine I will get a lot of those looks in the years to come and 

I am ready!!!!

One more Provision Post to go and ya don't want to miss it!


  1. God is SO good! Love that look in her eye! I think she's a spirited one, what do you think? I just love spirited ones! :)


    1. Got a house full of those!!!!!! LOL!!! Thank you sweet Tammy!!!!

  2. Annie....:) what a blessing. Once again...praising in the midst ( so beautiful). Hey BTW, I would not challenge your dd to a watermelon eating contest..Looks like she has that one!



    1. Haha! WE have already decided that we better have watermelon in the house when she gets home!!!! Otherwise, I think I will definitely get that look!!!! Hehe!