Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Provisions - Post #3


There is some family that you live close to, see and talk to regularly
There is some family that you live no where near, don't talk to or see very often and..

like it that way.

Not me, of course!!!!

I love ALL my family!



There is some family that you live no where near, don't talk to or see very often and wish that you really did live closer to, talked to and saw more often.

Dear Stephanie is one of those whom I wish we lived closer to.  

Stephanie is hubby's first cousin and while we have not seen her in a long while, I know that she and I share the same heart about a few things.

Animals being one

and now our sweet XM, another!

The Lord has moved sweet Stephanie's heart for our precious waiting child and she, much like I am imagining our XM to be, is very determined!

Through sweet Stephanie...

The Lord provides!

Not only has Stephanie devoted almost her entire FB page to our/her fund raising efforts, but she has created a separate fund raising site, Bring Xiaomeng Home, complete with videos, pics, stories of our family and facts and myths about cerebral palsy and China adoption!!!!


Her ultimate goal is to raise $10,000 for our precious child!!!!

So far, in less than 3 weeks, she has raised $1,307!!!


The Lord provides!

Now, if that wasn't enough, Stephanie decided to take it one step further!
Y'all, sweet Stephanie has designed and is selling these amazing bags

on a totally different, brand newfund raising site...


The Lord provides!

Not only is He providing for our sweet XM, through our wonderful cousin, Stephanie, but He is also providing a renewed relationship with a part of our family that we don't get to connect with very often.

The Lord provides!

Through the Lord's perfect plan, this tiny child who is a world away, has opened many eyes to the need, the need of all waiting children.

Thank you sweet Stephanie, thank you for having such a heart and thank you for allowing the Lord to provide - through YOU!


  1. I laughed when I got to the part about my FB page being taken up by XM. I hadn't even realized it!! I guess she's one of the main people I'm thinking about these days. I can't wait to visit all of you when XM comes home. The minute you all are settled in, I'm coming at you!

    1. Oh, you better come visit!!! LOL!!! You are just too sweet!

  2. What a blessing Stephanie is! Bless you, Stephanie!


  3. I could use a sister in law like that!
    What a gift!