Monday, August 20, 2012

Provision - Post #5

So I saved the best for last.

You may remember this post, this post was all about the wonderful video that was sent to us by another family whose son is in the same room as our XM.

She sent me the video of a fruit party she had sent to her son, to just let me see a bit more of the hospital and wouldn't ya know it, our precious XM just happen to be in that video and in that video a lot!

The Mom who sent it had no idea that our sweet girl was in that video but - He - knew and He sent us that video just when we needed it!

The Lord knew I was worried about her size and I was concerned that her CP might be making it difficult for her to eat, so what did He do??

The Lord provided.

Through this wonderful Mom, He calmed this Momma's heart by sending video of our XM eating and eating well, feeding herself and doing it with ease!

So, when this wonderful Mom emailed me to let me know that she was going to send another fruit party and that she had requested for our precious XM to be at the party, I was thrilled!!!!

However, about a week later, this wonderful Mom emailed me back to let me know that her adorable son, our XM's roomie and friend, had been moved back to his orphanage.  

I was heartbroken for this child as he had been at this hospital for most of his life and I was heartbroken for XM as that was another friend that she had had to say good bye to and I was disappointed that my one connection to our daughter was gone and that we would not be getting any more video for a while - selfish - I know - but I was clinging to the hope of seeing her beautiful face again soon!

However, not long after this happened and in the midst of selfishly feeling sorry for myself, I received an email, totally out of the blue and from an unexpected source and guess what???

There was video - of our sweet girl!!!!!

The Lord provides...

even when I was beginning to slip,

He forgave and He provided.

Are you ready for more cuteness?

She looks so incredibly determined, even down to sticking that tongue out as she concentrates, just like someone else I know...

and while Lizzie keeps her tongue to herself, she is one determined little girl!



on my

watch, buddy!

I think our precious XM will fit in nicely around here!

God is just so great and watching Him provide the way to bring our newest daughter home has been an amazing, faith-filled journey and while we are not there yet and while there are still unanswered prayers, through these struggles we are learning that He is always working for us, even when we don't see it, He is working.

So we worry less and trust more.

We learn to cling to our blessings instead of our fears and we make sure that we are "putty in His hands," opening our hearts up to His plan for our lives...

we get out of His way cause that is when He is able to do His best work for us...

and while it might get bumpier before it gets smoother, we have buckled up and are trying our best to enjoy the ride!


  1. All your provision posts just give me goose bumps seeing what God is doing! Your XM is just precious! I can't wait to see her in that family pic with the rest of your crew! :)


  2. Aweeee Annie...this is the best post yet. Seeing her is a wonderful reminder of what you are fighting(mostly in the spirt world) for. She is so amazing and will just thrive in her Mommys arms and that awesome family of yours. Oh my goodness..made my night. I am looking forward to reading post 6 and 7....the ones to come.



    1. Tammy, you are always just so sweet and make me smile!!!!