Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So... Remember Charlie/Chewy... Well....

Is he the "Luckiest Pet"??

Chewy at the shelter with one day left
We are hoping so!

Chewy's first day with us

The wonderful rescue that pulled our sweet Chewy from the shelter ONE DAY before he was scheduled to be killed emailed me about a month ago and asked us to enter our sweet Chewy in Petfinder's Luckiest Pet Contest 

Michelle told me that if he were to win, we would win a $500 gift card to Pet*o (that is $100 per dog - hehe) and....

that their rescue, Gimme Shelter would win $5000!!!!

Whoa!  Can you imagine how many doggies they could save with that kind of donation?!  

That was enough to motivate us to enter with this video.

I tell ya, every time I look at Chewy's sweet face and watch as his tail just starts to immediately wag the moment he hears my voice...

every time I go into one of the kid's rooms and see him already snuggled down, giving and receiving such contentment...

every time he helps whomever is not feeling well - to feel better by just being near them.

I wonder just who is the "luckiest"...

Chewy or...


Now, here is how you can help!

Starting today, you can go here, Luckiest Pet Contest and vote for our "lucky" dog!

Just type in Chewy in the search bar and vote for our video!

You can only vote once a day but you can vote EVERY day from now until March 18th.

Thanks Y'all!


  1. Sooooo voting! Loving your doggie!!!!

  2. Thank you so much sweet Maria!!

  3. Oh no! I'm too late to vote! I should have done this sooner! Chewy is very fortunate to have cheated death in an overcrowded shelter, and now he's thanking you by giving your family lots of unconditional love. He is simply beautiful. And quite a character too.

    1. Thank you:) We feel very lucky to have this precious pup in our lives!! He is just so full of love!!!