Monday, April 8, 2013

God is in the Details

and He sure was when it came to Little Miss FuFu...

a name, that I have given her until we can decide on her new name which might happen by the time she goes to college!

Anyway, the Lord sure did know how this had to go.

He knew that Hubby had to be the one.

He knew that I (the big bad advocate), had to be the one to struggle.

Yep, you heard (ok read) that right!

Annie, the advocate, the one whose heart breaks every time a child ages out, heck every time I even read a file and see a precious face, was the one who had fear and doubt!

Can ya believe it...

cause we sure couldn't!

We walked around for days in a "Freaky Friday" sort of daze!

You see when the Lord moved Hubby's heart for a second child, for FuFu, He neglected to tell me!

It was not my plan either!
When I sent Hubby Jean's AWESOME POST, I was not really asking for a second child.
I was perfectly happy bringing Lucy home and working and home schooling Caleb and taking care of my family and....
 going back for a boy within the year!


I think the Lord enjoys us both and our little plans!


So, anywho, when Hubby came home that night in tears after reading wonderful Jean's amazing post, telling me that the Lord was asking us to bring more than just Lucy home...

I was not jumping up and down for joy as you might expect.

I asked for time to pray - so - I - did - for 2 weeks!

The Lord knew just what I needed and provided ample opportunity for me to really pray and be prayed over and little by little He began to reveal and then remove the fear in my heart.

I realized that I was fearful that if I took on too much, I would not be able to work as I had been working and I LOVE what I am doing.

I LOVE working for Lifeline, for these precious children and for Him in such an amazing way and I did not want to let that go.

In that 2 weeks, however, He showed me just as He showed me with Lucy that He will equip us and that I needed to let go of that fear and just trust Him and He showed me in the best way possible...

through Hubby's unwavering faith and certainty that this was indeed His plan - not ours but His.
I mean how could I ignore the fact that my dear Hubby was walking around giggling and joyful and giddy and that his "we are done" words were now replaced by the words, "whatever Lord"!

It was a powerful 2 weeks y'all!

Yep, He knew it had to happen this way.  He knew that Hubby and I had to go through what we went through.  It was the only way.

So, we said YES LORD!

FuFu was easy!

I had advocated for 3 months for this precious child when she was on Lifeline's list as "Victoria".
It broke my heart when she went back to the shared list, unmatched. 

I mean all of FuFu's videos show a child just full of joy!
Who could not take one look at that smile and just melt!

How?  Why?

So, I advocated even more when she went back and still she waited - and now...

I know why.

I had even placed her picture on Lucy's side of the fridge cause there just wasn't any room on the other side, the "I gotta find you a home cause I can't bring them all home" side.

Yep FuFu was easy!

She is 9 years old and has CP too!  It just affects her differently than it does Lucy.

She is little like Lucy but not quite as little and just full of smiles and the timing is such that adding FuFu will not slow down our journey to Lucy at all!
He is in the details!

We don't know a whole lot more other than she likes animals, singing, drawing, playing house, watching tv, is completely adorable and...
she wants a family, with parents and siblings.

Perfect match and she is now one less...

I have no illusions that bringing home two 9 year olds with CP will be a piece of cake but I no longer have fear and I trust that the Lord will equip us - for them - and now...

I can peacefully join Hubby in the giggles and the giddiness and the JOY... 
and wouldn't ya know it, as soon as we got PA, I'm talking the day after, we were told that we had been awarded a grant, a grant that we were not supposed to hear back from until the end of the month!

Yep, details!

I will leave you with one of my favorite videos of our precious FuFu.

Watch all the way to the end and I dare you not to smile!



  1. AWESOME!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Praising God with tears along with you Annie, my goodness He writes the most amazing stories. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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  15. Thank you, thank you all so much!!!!! I have loved reading all of your precious comments! We hope to travel this summer but I am really trying to let go of timelines and just trust in His timeline and Maria, noooooooooo:) Hehe! Right now the dogs are harder than the kids - and more expensive to take care of! LOL!

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