Saturday, April 6, 2013

OUR NEWS - as told by my Hubby!!!!

Hello followers of my darling wife’s blog, I’m Hubby and I am guest writing this post.

I wanted to share with you a story that happened to me recently that has made a huge impact on our family’s life and it all started down at our community dock.

On the weekends, I generally head down to this awesome spot for some quite time with a couple of our dogs. I try to go down to the dock almost every night that I am home, as it gives me a connection to the sea that I, for many reasons, deeply cherish. 

I am usually the only one there, allowing me to have some quite time to reflect on the past week, listen to some talk radio and chat with God. I can spend hours there reveling in His glory and the beauty of what He has created.

On the evening in question, Annie sent me an amazing blog post written by a friend of hers.

I get these a lot!

I have to be honest and state that I don’t always read them...


This post changed the way I look at so many aspects of my life.

I won’t retell her story, as you can read it all here at There is No Place Like Home, but I will tell you that I cried like a baby as I read it!

I used to be an emotional rock, but my darling wife and all these kids did something to me, so I now generally cry during diaper commercials.

This particular blog post talked about how the kids in this large family dealt and felt about having so many kids to share mom and dad’s time. How it was OK that mom and dad couldn’t spend every waking moment with them individually and how ANY time with mom and dad was a blessing.

 I had been pretty convinced that our family would be done growing when Lucy finally comes home. My plan said that we now filled Annie’s Suburban to capacity and that was that - done. With my new job and the prospect of getting out from under our "unemployment" debt, I had even been considering that in a few years, maybe, I could even get a new (to me anyway) car.

I think I must make God laugh a lot.

I think my plans must give Him a good chuckle at any rate.

That night, He, in no uncertain terms, opened my heart up way past where I thought it could ever go.

He showed me that not only were we not done with Lucy, but that on this very trip, we were going to be bring “FuFu” home as well!!

That is right, you heard (ok, read) it here first.

We are bringing two daughters home this summer.

I’m going to stop my story here and let Annie fill you in on the details of “FuFu”.

I just wanted to share a little of the wonder that I feel at having been blessed and touched in such a direct manner by the Lord.

Look for Him in the ordinary moments of your life....

He is there, and just as soon as you are certain of your plan, He’ll let you know that we follow His lead.

Love and Blessings,

Details to follow! 


  1. This is incredible! What a mighty God we serve and He is blessing you all in your obedience.

  2. Beautiful. Both your testimony and your newest daughter. I'm so happy for you both!!! :)

  3. How I simply LOVE it when God speaks to our Hubby's so clearly! And what a gift to be married to a man such as yours, Annie, who will obey the voice of God- no-matter-what!!!! I am thanking God for His leading in your lives, for obedient hearts, and for the provision to see it through! I can't wait to follow along!

    May God's blessings overflow!
    Lori McCary

  4. Dear Hubby,
    I am So happy that your "darling wife and all those kids did something to you"! And, that you take time to get away to chat with God. You obviously listen well (to God and your family!) and this is another sign of how Good he is to His Children. Congratulations and Thank You for opening your heart and home to another daughter! YaY!

  5. LOVE what your family has "done" to you. Perfect! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more about FuFu

  6. Love, Love, Love this post! So awesome to hear how God works in all the small as well as the big things in your lives. Praying for you all as you go to bring your girls home! God Bless!

  7. Um!!!! About to burst over here with happiness for you all! This is the BEST news!!!!!

  8. You know I have been a crying mess before reading this but now reading it in Chris' words makes even more heart-touching. Thrilled beyond words for your family!!!

    Love you!! :)

  9. Yahoooooo! Now.....tell us about her!!!!!!!!!

  10. Super happy for u all!!!! This is amazing! Hugs around & details can hardley come soon enough......

  11. Wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!!! Do you know approx. when you're traveling Annie? We will be driving through SC again this summer and I'd love it if we could meet up on the road somewhere:) email me!

  12. Hooray! Congratulations! Thank you for your example of obeying the Lord's call!!

  13.!!!!! I could not be happier for you all but most of all for these precious girls who will be joining your family!!!! Blessings friend!

  14. wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Can't wait for the details :)

  15. So happy for you guys! Now to convince my husband!

  16. WOW!!! Goosebumps!!!! What a double blessing!!! I cannot wait to hear the details!!

  17. Oh wow! I am super excited and happy for you! This is amazing news!

  18. In awe of our God!!
    I am so Amazed at HIM!
    So so happy for your family and I can't wait to play the name game!
    I love your hubby's heart and those morning walks with the Lord (and the dogs)!
    and yes... goosebumps, too!!

  19. I'm jumping up and down inside for your family!! I just love hearing about a man following God's heart. What a blessing these two will be to your family and you to them. Fatherless NO MORE!!!

  20. Wow...tears in my eyes and didn't see that coming:) Thank you for sharing your heart on your sweet wife's blog. I am so happy for all of you! God has a way of giving us that wake-up call when we least expect it, doesn't he?


    Are y'all kidding me? Two precious daughters???

    I am so completely thrilled for you!!!

    Can NOT wait for all the deets!!!

    Go God!!!

  22. Congratulations to all of you! Wow! This is so exciting and amazing to see your faith stretched. So glad your heart is so open to hearing and obeying God!

  23. God is SO good and I can't wait to watch them come home!!! XOXO sweet friend!

  24. Thank you all so very much! We are just super excited and cannot wait to get these girls home!

  25. How much fun!!!! I really want to add one more too, but I am just so anxious to bring Laney home that I don't want this adoption to stall! Who knows maybe we will be traveling to China together this summer! I am secretly hoping for the end of July. It is a long shot, but ya just never know!!

  26. Oh Annie (and hubby)....this is wonderful news! I'm SO excited for your family! I love hearing how God works in our made-up-minds and hearts! Congratulations!


  27. Dear Anne and Chris....

    I am simply speechless!! You might as well be having twins in your old age!! But TWINS can be an extra blessing to one's aging mode. Bound to help keep you young!! If anybody can handle this, you two can!! But I am still amazed at your spunk and courage .... from "Ground Zero" to "the Moon"!! and back....Gert Behanna said, "The Lord God invented humor...and He keeps His best jokes to Himself." But your trust in Him has also validated that one of the best ways to teach us is through the method of humor. What better way to reward us with an AA++ than this present one in our lives?? Congratulations, and WELCOME!! to little Lucy and to FuFu when they get here. I hope they are coming together as sisters, and with you and Chris, and all the others. Anne, I can't believe it!! Wonderful?? Yes!! Unbelievable?? Double Yes!! Peace, Love, and Charity abound. And the greatest of these is Love!! Amen!!