Thursday, June 6, 2013

God Winks

So when we got an update on Maggie a few weeks ago and got those great "personality" shots 


there were also some coloring pages emailed to us that Maggie had colored and in those pics was one that I just could not make out. It looked like a face, sort of, but it was hard to tell what it was.

Well, yesterday, we received the actual pages that Maggie had colored for us - in the mail - all the way from China! Wouldn't ya know it, the one page that I could not make out was an origami... PUPPY!!!!!!!

Now, you all know how much we love doggies around here and He does too!
Once again, the Lord just knew what I needed and when I needed it! Just another little God wink in this long wait:)


  1. Just when you needed it!!! We just started waiting but when you have a child in another country there is no way around it being HARD.

  2. For goodness sake, why do these things make me cry?!

    SO SWEET & WONDERFUL! HIS unexpected in the midst of our

  3. That is so cute! How sweet of them to do this. Blessings