Friday, June 28, 2013


I really am at a loss for words

The Lord just keeps blessing our journey,

bringing us such joy!

Joy is a word that just keeps getting repeated over and over when it comes to Miss Maggie Fu!

Just recently a traveling family was able to meet our precious girl and give her a little care package from us...

which included a photo album...

with our pictures!

Watch as she receives our package (it is a little long but the first few minutes says it all) and learns that it is from her forever family - us!


Just WOW!

Did you see at the very beginning when she was told that her Mama and Baba had sent this care package to her??

Did you see that she smiled and said "Mommie" while she clapped her hands!!!

Did you see that???

I think I have watched that part over an over!


Here is some of what this wonderful family had to say about our precious Maggie:

"Oh Annie. We got to spend a lot of time with your precious daughter. She was thrilled with her package and was carrying her pictures around and showing people. We have a ton of pictures and video. Can't send them right now but will as soon as possible. She is a joyful and loving child. She is just precious."


"Maggie is a ray of sunshine. Her personality is as big as her smile. You and your family are so blessed to have her as a daughter. I was able to tell her that you are coming to get her as soon as you can and that the hugs and kisses that I gave her came from you. God has truly blessed your family with this special girl." 

Apparently, our sweet girl carried our pictures around with her all day, showing everyone!


God is just so, so good and we are getting closer to our two beautiful girls!

It has been a very long journey but His timing is always perfect and in this wait, there has been purpose, there has been growth and there – has – been – joy.

We may never know why Lucy and Maggie have had to wait as long as they have, why our journey couldn't have been quick and easy (easy is a relative term here - hehe) but I know now to trust and not question, to let go and just walk the path that the Lord has prepared for us and for them.

Please keep our precious new daughters in your prayers as the Lord prepares their hearts for the new forever family – us!

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31


  1. ohhhh how wonderful!!!!! thank you Jesus for encouraging my friend in this special way!!!

  2. This is just to sweet for words! What a blessing! I loved Maggie's reaction to the news she has a family!

  3. Will you get going already!! I can't wait to see you with your girls!!!

  4. I'm so happy!! I knew I recognized that family! She did our home study and we LOVE her!!!! What a joy to get these beautiful pictures!!

  5. This. Is. F A B U L O U S.

  6. What an amazing gift. It's these things that make this process tolerable. or maybe it is the precious little daughter on the other side of the world. :)

  7. Oh my! JOY is right!!!! I have goose bumps from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! Truly... you HAVE been blessed! The beautiful redemption of adoption in this video brings sweet, sweet tears! I'm with Kim- Get going, would you???? Praying and waiting with you! Lori McCary

  8. TEARS OF JOY!!! What an amazing gift while you wait!!!

  9. God has written the most amazing story of your journey to these girls! These are wonderful!!!

  10. Wow... What a special blessing. God is so good! Maggie has an amazing smile. ;)

  11. Annie, Oh my gosh, daughters, plural?! Wow!! I'm so happy for you!!

  12. Thank you everyone! I swear, I keep coming back here and reading everyone's sweet comments and of course I just have to watch that video again:):):) Gotta get to China!!!

  13. Annie, I have only 'spoken' with you via emails. This video is so precious! How old is she? We are home 6 months with a now 7 year old, they look about the same size except that our baby has grown a lot in this short time! God bless you and your beautiful family, I am excited for you!!! Kim Hofmaster

  14. Thank you sweet Kim! She is said to be 9 years old but was found as a toddler, not an infant so her age could be off a bit. We are also bringing home Lucy, who is said to be 9 as well. However, we know she has got to be younger. She is tiny and was said to be found at 4 years old. Her finding ad pic, however, looks to be of a (maybe) 2 year old. Anxious to see what the International Adoption Clinic here thinks. Thanks again dear Kim!

  15. I can imagine how I would feel if I received this video! She is beautiful and precious beyond words! I cannot wait to follow you to China. I hope you blog your trip so I can see her happiness.

  16. Beyond precious! What treasures you have! Can't wait to see them home with you.