Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love it when I find a book at the library that the girls and I really enjoy reading.  About 2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon a very sweet little book called, My Goodnight Storybook.  It was written by Susan L. Lingo and Kathy Parks.

This precious book has "45 Devotional Stories for Little Ones" and is one of those books that just make you feel good while teaching you a little something.  Each story is only 2 little pages long but also includes a short Bible story and a related prayer.  The stories talk about everyday struggles for children (and big people too) and how God can help you through.  I have renewed this book twice now and should probably return it next week so another family might enjoy it.  The following week, however, is up for grabs!!!  Hehe!!


  1. You could always buy the book. It is $10.87 for the hardcover version on Might save you a bunch of trips to the library...

    By the way, I love the new picture at the top of your blog. Your children are adorable!

    Teresa =)

  2. Thanks! We should try that one out! Hate it when a book says "Good night stories" and one story is 30 fine print pages!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your get well comments my friend. And yes I'm finally feeling better...YAY!

    LOVE the new family pic Annie!! and soooo wish I had your front porch! My family lived in a parsonage for a few years with a beautiful front porch and porch swing and I'll never forget how fun it was. :)

    And LOVED the book idea, too. Gotta check around for that one here or through Amazon as Teresa mentioned. Kaylin and I enjoy such books at night and have read through the ones we have right now.

  4. Just ordered it from Amazon!! Thank you for the suggestion!! While I was thinking about it the # available went from 2 to 1! I think someone else read your post and ordered it too!!

    I want to ask you if you would please help me advocate for two boys on CHSFS waiting child list. They are posted on the side bar of my blog and they desperately need homes!

    I also posted on the advocate yahoo group! I would be forever grateful for your help!


  5. Thanks for the book review. I'll have to check out library system for this one as we have a few books that have been illustrated by the same person. Such cute pictures!