Saturday, October 9, 2010

Soccer Lite!

We only had 2 games today! Wow! Really??

Last weekend we had 7! Yep, 7!!

Next weekend, 7! Yep, 7!!

I was ready, though! Armed with my new camera and all!!

Ya'll are getting off easy this weekend. Can you imagine how many soccer pictures I would have posted if I had been "armed" with my new camera, last weekend??

Just wait til next weekend! BWHAHAHA!!!

Charlie and the girls were the 2 games of the weekend. The other 2 got off easy.

The girls played at 8:30. Yep, you heard me right, 8:30 and hubby does the scheduling ya'll!! I have GOT to have a little chat with that man:) I do not have any pics of their game because it was so foggy (8:30 remember) and I was not awake yet! Hehe! I did get some cute shots of them at Charlie's game, though.

Em found something to entertain herself...


I got the first hints of, "OK, Mom, I am so over that camera!"

Already??? Come on guys!

Just wait til I get that zoom lens that is going on my Christmas list!! Hehe!

We even had time to walk the pups when we got home!

It was a nice afternoon and we all got to spend it together!

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  1. Love the pics. Looks like a great way to spend the day. That smile on Lizzy (last pic) is priceless!