Thursday, October 28, 2010

Urgent Situation

I realize I have already published my "Waiting Kids" post this week but I have become aware of an urgent situation.  I have posted about this beautiful girl before but she still waits...

and she is about to age out.  In January, this beautiful little girl will "age out" and will not be eligible to have a family after that.  This is the email that I received about this precious child:

DL will age out on January 19, 2011. In just 12 short weeks she will lose forever her chance to have a family. Chinese law will not allow an adoption after the child turns 14. Please spread the word about her to anyone that may be interested. China now allows for two adoptions at once so a family that may already have a referral from China would be eligible. She needs a family and she needs that family to come forward for her now! There is no time to wait!

This is what is written about sweet DL:

DL is a lovely girl who will be 14 years old in just 12 weeks (January 19, 2011). What this mean for her is that she will no longer be adoptable. This means she has less than 3 months to find a family before she will forever be unable to have a mom and dad of her own. DL had been at the orphanage since she was an infant, and was placed with a foster family in 2005. She was born with a cleft lip and palate, both of which have been repaired. She received speech therapy after each surgery and her speech is said to be excellent. She is doing well in school, and is described as a delightful young lady. Her time is short to find a family...DL is such a sweet and gentle girl, she will be a wonderful daughter for a lucky mom and dad. But you need to hurry.

Please email Dick Graham at or go to their website to contact them.

Please, please search your heart for this wonderful child!!!

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  1. We can't adopt from China again since the rule change, but I have shared this on Facebook and am praying for her forever family to find her soon. Thanks for all your work advocating for these sweet children. Blessings,