Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kendal has a home!!!

Our very sweet foster dog, Kendal has finally found a wonderful forever home!! Kendal is a very special, older Golden Retriever who lost his elderly owner. The family was sending him to the pound (shame on them) when Grateful Goldens found out about him. One thing lead to another and he found is way here until he could be placed with another family. That was January!!! We have had Kendal for a very long time and it was very hard to say good bye to him today. I do know, however that he is going to a great home, an older couple who are looking to spoil him and love him forever!!! We will miss you sweet Kendal! Have a wonderful life!!! You deserve it!!!


  1. Oh! We have fostered animals before, but my asthma prevents us from doing so now. They bring such joy, don't they?

  2. I cried every time I turned a foster over to their forever home, and the longest I've had a foster is two months! I can't imagine giving one up at a year...I know I couldn't because that's exactly how long I fostered my girl Avery before deciding she was destined to be in my family! You guys are such loving people to give an older dog all the love they deserve in their last years. All the kids look beautiful, by the way, and I hope to meet the girls one day soon.- cousin stephanie