Thursday, August 18, 2011


I am left without words!!

Only tears!!!

Please go to Adeye's blog here and read about precious Liliana! 

The pictures are incredibly difficult to look at but she needs our help and she needs it NOW!!

This is a child who is 11 years old and weighs (oh my heart) 10 pounds!!!

This child has done nothing to deserve this,

nothing except being born an orphan, with Down Syndrome in a country that gives children with Down Syndrome, NO value! 

Please, please consider donating, passing along the blog link OR praying for the Lord to guide you in considering rescuing this child from her living hell!!!



  1. This is truly heartbreaking. Does Lilianna have a family committed already? I read the post on the link but couldn't find out for sure. Praying she gets help, nourishment and love immediately and a forever family.

  2. No, as far as I know, she has not found a family yet!! I am praying that she will and fast! As of this morning, ALL of the funds have been raised!! All she needs is a FAMILY!!

  3. Hi Annie, I will be praying and I will post of fb about this! Also, I just read Honour's story. Oh my goodness. I guess I needed a good cry today and some piercing of my heart. Praise God she has a family. So many more though. It's so hard to think about how many kids need families. Does her family have a blog? If so, I would love to follow it. I would love to share her story sometime on my blog too.

  4. Thank you so much Lydia! Honour's story is truly inspirational. She is an amazing young lady! I don't think they have a blog but I think it would be just fine for you to share her story on your blog! Honour wants to help those left behind!!

  5. Just saw this today....heartbreaking doesn't begin to describe. How very precious this child is! So glad to see the update that money is raised and she has a family! It is amazing to think that somehow children survive that long in such an environment. To think how many more there are!

  6. Praise God! Just read on the blog that a family has committed to Lilianna!