Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So there I was just minding my own business, walking my dogs - you know the FOUR dogs and one FOSTER PUPPY we have!!

Yep, just a leisurely stroll around the block.

I wasn't looking for trouble...

but somehow...

trouble found me...

The 1 pound, scrawny, orange kitten kind of trouble!!!

The STRAY kitten kind of trouble!!!



So after the Crocodile Hunter style rescue from Charlie and a neighbor friend, the kitten came home...

To 5 kids, 4 dogs, one foster puppy and one crazy cat!


She was scared, very scared and my first thought was, well we will keep her tonight and then in the morning, I will call around to the local vets offices and see if they know of a crazy kind hearted someone who might take in ferrel kittens,

and then this happened...

and I was waving the white flag!

She is skin and bones and a bit scraped up but thanks to some food and cream water, she is beginning to look like a real kitten!

I think she is a she (and please don't ask me how I know - trust me - you do NOT want to know - ewww) but I have no idea how old she is...

Cause I am the DOG lady for pete's sake - not the cat lady!!! 

When will these cats get this straight???

Or maybe these meddling compassionate kids of mine are secretly spreading cat food on our porch at night!!  UGH!

I mean even the kitten that we found last Halloween ( remember Boo ) who we thought was a stray but actually belonged to our neighbors down the street - has decided to hang here - all the time now!

So either our cat, Memow is a real "looker" or those pesky kids of mine are up to no good!!!  Heh!

So, we now have a foster puppy

and a foster kitty

Yep, you heard me right - FOSTER!!

I think if I say it enough times, I might actually believe it!!!

Do you feel sorry for me yet???



  1. and her name is "Punkin"

    Annie's hubby- Chris

  2. Oh you r in trouble! He's cute. Only problem with kittens is that they get big! Hehe

  3. Not in a million years!!! Love you!! Hehe!!

  4. Cats are wonderful too. I am a dog lady also. We have, Paris, the cat and she has been to MANY tea parties, has worn my passionate plum lip stick, unrolls the toilet tissue in all 3 restrooms daily, jumps into the bath with me if I do not look under the sink for her first, has her own bar stool that she sits on half the day, upsets my bull mastiff by watching him out the window, fearless....until she sees a bug, she runs and hides. I have to say that this fat puff that looks like a duster with rabbit feet has purred into my heart. Be strong...cat love is had to breakup with. :0) Joy

  5. correction: Cat love is hard to breakup with!

  6. Looks to me like Foster Kitty might be a keeper! She (and I won't ask how you know that) has been fed, loved and has a new best friend! Only one more thing to say, Congratulations of the new kitten!

  7. Annie, you crack me up! It's like a zoo over there At least you won't have mice now...

  8. A kitten...well, you've got me beat now. ;) No kitties for us....aaaachoooo! ;) You've got a wonderful kind heart! :)

  9. I didn't realize your daughter has fallen in love with this sweet thing. I mean, look at your daughter's face...pure love.

    I think you got yourself another little kitty. lol

  10. You are so sweet (and such a sucker). :) Tjeu are bpth adorable though! Between the kids asking their cuteness, I can see why it would be hard to say no! :)


  11. Annie,

    And to think, I was thinking that MY house was about to get crowded! Phew! You make me tired. Thanks for the smile!


  12. I still love that dog! So cute and you still have him!

    hugs to such a fun friend!