Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - WEEK ONE!

Yes, I am happy to report that we have survived another "first week" of school! 

The mornings were early (I wanted to shoot my alarm clock) and the pace was hectic but there were very few tears from them or me!

By Friday, however, I was thinking that TGIF should forever be changed to TGIS (sleeping late Saturday)!

Have you ever dealt with a 5 year old who was used to sleeping until 10:00 some mornings and then all of a sudden she is being awakened at 6:30 (gulp) in the morning and being told that she has to brush her teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush her hair, get her shoes on, find her backpack, kiss her Momma and then run out the door to BEGIN her day!!! 

Yeah, you too??

Well, how about dealing with TWO 5 years olds who are used to sleeping until 10:00 some mornings and then all of a sudden they are being awakened at 6:30 (gulp) in the morning and being told that they have to brush their teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their hair, get their shoes on, find their backpacks, kiss their Momma and then run out the door to BEGIN their day!!!

Always hard!
So, anyway, we started the first day with a couple of smiling faces (thank you Lucky Charms)
and a book called The Kissing Hand
What a wonderful book and perfect for your little one's first day of school!!
The girls were so excited about their first day of "real" school and it showed!  Em was home schooled last year and while I loved it, she really wanted to go to a school with a playground!  Sigh! 
Lizzie still gets her speech and OT from school and they ROCK!
So, the girls are going to 5K this year but next year...
They are MINE!!!!  BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
I AM keeping one of my kiddos home this year.
Can you tell who???

That's right, sweet Caleb will finally get the Mommie time he has wanted for so long,
LOTS of Mommie time, 
and the best part...
I get LOTS of Caleb time!!!
I just love that boy!
So, the first day went well

really well

and the girls even earned some kuddos from their teacher!

Apparently Em is a "good listener." 
Go figure!!  Hehe!
Now, if you read my Sunday Snapshot last week, you will know what an incredibly brave and amazing girl my Lizzie is, especially when it comes to her hands and feet.
True to Lizzie style, she just happen to mention to me on Friday that several kids in her class had asked her what was wrong with her hands.
With a lump in my throat, I asked her what she had told them.
My incredible child just looked at me and said, "I just told them that I was born that way, that this is the way God made me." 
Then she simply smiled and shrugged her shoulders, those teeny tiny shoulders that bear too much of the weight of the world sometimes.
As I tried to remain calm and not make a big deal about it, I asked her if that was OK. 
I asked her if she felt like the kids were mean or just asking (cause you know the Momma bear might have to come out to play if any of those 5Ker's do anything to intentionally hurt my child), but my little Lizzie just said, "No, they were just asking!"

At that point, I told her what a cool kid she is and hugged her just a bit tighter and just a bit longer and said a silent prayer of thanks to God who allowed us to know and love this precious child.
All in all, it was a good start to what I hope will be a good year. 

Charlie has made the transition to Christian's school, relatively unscathed (there was one 7th grader that I thought might have to have a playdate with Momma bear but Charlie handled it). 

Christian is happy to once again see his friends (aka girlfriend) everyday again, and I do believe that Caleb has enjoyed seeing Momma everyday, all day, 24/7, all Momma, all the time - at least for now!! 
My babies are growing up

and I have learned to treasure every glance, every sticky kiss,

every sweet little hand in mine
and every single "I love you Mommie."
How was your first day??

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  1. So cute, Annie! Love the "sleepy" pics. I'm not looking forward to getting up and getting everyone else up yet. Our school year is pushed back a tad this year. Think I'll officially start after labor day due to our move and trying to organize everything. So glad you all survived the first week!

  2. Wow~6:30 is early! We still have another week and two before school starts. Glad it was a good, though early, week! Sweet photos!

  3. I need to learn to take more photos. Love yours! Congratulations to your sweet girls for their happy notes! Love the Mama bear comments too!

  4. Boy Mama bear sure can jump in fast, I am right there with you:)! 6:30 has come to fast every morning at our house too, so far so good:)
    LOVE that you are taking the year to spend with Caleb!!

  5. So awesome! :) I love The Kissing Hand! I used to read it to my kindergarteners years ago and would fight tears the whole way through. ;) I'm a sap.
    Your little Lizzie is such a brave girl, I adore her. :)

  6. Love the pics, Annie! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. You would die in my house-Flynn has never slept past 6 am and until last year usually insisted that I be up with him- no matter what I offered as a bribe to let me stay asleep just until 6:30. We have not used an alarm clock in years! School has started well for us, too but college applications start Sept. 1 for Reid!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amy, can you send me your email? I would love to be able to reply to your wonderful comments!!! Blogger won't let me:(