Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Cause again, my children leave me speechless!!!

Oh and apparently SHE is a HE!  So much for my internet, kitty gender guessing skills!  LOL! 

So, even though we are still trying to find her - I mean HIM - a good home, we need a name!!! 

You have to help us, otherwise Em is going to name him "Necklace!"

Guess it should be "wordy" Wednesday! 


  1. Ha,ha! Crack me up, a HE! :) Don't worry, it happens to everyone...or at least best friend and I adopted a stray kitten and after looking it over decided it was a girl so we named her Tinkerbell. Well, come to find out she was a HE and so we shortened the name to Tink. ;) My suggestion for your little kitty is Tigger. :)

  2. I had to laugh at the video! It seems to me that this cat is part of the family no sense in looking for a home, HE has one! I hope you find a name EM likes better than Necklace!

  3. How about Cheddar? He's the right color and he obviously loves cheese! Plus it is kind of a "gender neutral" name.

  4. I agree Cheddar is PERRRRfect!!! Hope you can make it to Tea Thursday!-Joy

  5. Love the video! My daughter wanted to name our black Lab Dorito, but I held firm and we ended up naming him Duncan. I think the name Dorito is a great name for your orange tiger kitty, though!


  6. Hi Annie,

    Ha ha! That is so funny! Joy and I were watching the video and before we ever read the others' comments, she said a good name for him would be Cheddar! :) Then we scrolled down to type and saw it was already suggested! So maybe it's supposed to be Cheddar? :)