Sunday, April 22, 2012


When in the heck did this happen???????

I mean, honestly, I just turned by back for a half a second and he is taller than me

and faster!

WAY faster!!!

Yes, we raced yesterday

cause I am insane

and now sore


and he won!

Well, at least we have another strong back around here for piggy back rides and the like

and even though good things come in small packages...

I am very proud of the strong young man he is becoming

inside and out!!!

Now, just to leave you with a little teaser...

there is a hint in this post that has to do with the new "face" of Cornbread and Chopsticks

My wonderful, amazing friend, Sharon at Our Family Our Story is working hard on the new look

and I am SO excited!!!!!

Stay tuned...


  1. Ha! Matt always says,"good gravy!", and I give him such grief. What's good about gravy??? So my guess is that your new face will have piggy's on it, or gravy smeared all over it, or handsome young fellows flexing their muscles. Hee hee...
    Love you,

  2. I didn't know Sharon was going to revamp your site! That will be fun to see. I love a new "face"! LOL

  3. Goodness! Those are some muscles!!! Can't wait to see the new look!

  4. It that a picture of a child that Lizzie is holding at the top of the Blog?

  5. Nope, but those are some good guesses:):)