Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Are Chosen

So I have a friend

and this friend has a friend

and this friend has a heart for 2 little babies

twin babies

who could no longer be cared for

who needed food

and water

and shelter...

who needed a Mommie

So, this friend of a friend decided to care for these babies



because that is what is takes to adopt from this remote little village in Kenya


So, my friend decided that she needed to do something to help her friend who wanted to adopt these babies

She didn't know quite what to do but...

the Lord knew

He knew exactly what to do

Read her story and then find out how you can help:

I was moved by God to put pen to paper in the middle of the night!  I could hardly get the words written down they were coming so fast.  

Not long after, He gave me the tune... funny cuz I am tone deaf and can not sing a song or a tune but somehow managed to get that song down.

I was then able to begin to piece it together for a Christian musician friend of mine who put it to musical notes in a record amount of time

God is so amazing and has moved in a mighty way to bring this all together in such a beautiful way!!! 

My friend who has never read a note of music much less written a song, was able to put this song together, get it recorded and put on Itunes...

here was His answer!

All of the proceeds of this beautiful song, "We Are Chosen" will be donated to these babies and the wonderful family who just wants to love them for the rest of their lives!

Go here to order this beautiful song (it is only .99) and help these beautiful babies!

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