Thursday, April 12, 2012


So I might have mentioned here that one of my precious ones has some very real sensory issues

and when it comes food and eating

my sweet Caleb has a really hard time

It was a struggle from the very beginning when he was throwing up blood, po*ping blood and hurting

every – time – he – ate

He was tongue tied

extremely tongue tied and was so hard to nurse

but I did for as long as I could

cause as hard as it was to nurse him...

baby food was a whole other challenge

and we won't even talk about “real” food.


My sweet child has just had such a battle between wanting so badly to eat “like everyone else”
and . well . eating.

The smell, the texture and the taste are all very concerning and even favorites have to be just right.


When there are victories, even small ones

we celebrate...

and we had a victory the other night

a victory born out of a setback when my sweet child refused to eat something that he had been eating and Caleb just can't afford to strike anything off of his list of approved foods

so, it became a “thing” and that was probably our fault but this was one of the very few meals that we would all eat

It was not easy and Caleb ended up being sent to bed without any supper and I ended up feeling really yucky.


big brother Charlie

you know Charlie, the peacemaker


Charlie the disturber of the peace!

Came along to save the day

Charlie worked his magic and brought a very excited Caleb down to try something new...


Yep – CELERY!!!

and not only did he try celery but he tried celery with peanut butter and celery with just salt and not only did he try it but he actually chewed it up


swallowed it!!!


I have to say it again


Caleb was so proud of himself

We were so proud of Caleb

and the best part...

Charlie was SO proud of Caleb and so happy with being able to help his little brother

I tell, ya, as much as a struggle this eating thing is, watching the relationship between my two boys grow and strengthen and watching the love and trust they have with each other was right up there with the fact that


Now, just so you know, my sweet child is not alone in this and learning about sensory issues and how it can affect/afflict a person has brought me to the conclusion that it must be hereditary cause I am a picky eater and not just picky


I cannot eat entire food groups y'all!

No meat

and definitely

No seafood

Yeah, try living in the South, right on the coast and not eating meat or seafood!

Just sayin!

I do cook meat for my family because they like it but touching raw meat is not something that this sensory person particularly enjoys doing.


However, when it comes to seafood...


I – just – cannot – do – it!

It smells and it is slimy

Yep, I'm done!


So, when my poor hubby, who loves seafood gets the chance to eat seafood...

He does not turn it down!

So, when we were offered some fresh fish by our wonderful neighbors, I just could not turn it down cause I knew hubby would love it

And love it he did!

I, on the other hand had to just take deep breaths and look away for most of the prep and ALL of the clean up!

Cause, my sensory stuffs isn't just confined to the taste of food


My kitchen smelled – for days – and the mess...

Oh the mess...

I just had to close my eyes and trust that hubby would take pity and clean up too!

And he did!

And my senses thanked him!!

Oh my dear, sweet Caleb, I hope that it helps to see that your Momma struggles sometimes too.

I hope it helps to know that I understand, that I have BTDT!

I hope it helps to know that we love you just as you are and that you will be ok and that you will eventually eat more and that the Lord will love you whether you eat broccoli or not!

It has not been easy, I know

I really know but..

I also know that eating or not...

you are the most loving, caring, thoughtful child

and we love you

just – the – way – you – are


  1. I love that Charlie helped Caleb - so sweet! Big brothers are the best! I don't know what my issues are, but I also cannot handle raw meat/seafood - I never, ever cook it. I will *literally* vomit/dry heave on handling/seeing raw meat sometimes, and ESPECIALLY the smell of eggs - my mother would fry some eggs for my brother and the smell alone would send me into the bathroom to throw up! I don't really have any ethical objections to meat, but it's easier to tell people that I'm a vegetarian just because I don't like the taste and I'll leave it at that. I was just at a conference today and someone asked me why I chose the veggie boxed lunch - I always get questioned about not eating meat! I thought I was alone in my strange food quirks. Poor Caleb!

  2. Love it! and yes, my Conner is the same way - I will have to try celery for him! And yes, I can not eat coconut! NOT AT ALL! Just can't swallow it! :)

  3. I am also an extra picky eater and although most of it is taste, some is textural- like mushrooms, lima beans and kidney beans and -OK beans in general (except green). No seafood for me either, although on rare occasion I fix it for Russ. I always said shrimp look like dead baby mice! Our oldest has Asperger's and used to throw up when asked to try a new food. He threw up on the table at Thanksgiving when Russ asked him to try mashed potatoes. I will say that with age and Prozac(!) he is slightly more willing to try new things- he hasn't thrown up in years. Celery is one of the few vegetables he will eat (raw carrots, cucumber and corn are the rest)- not much nutrition but at least it's green and fibrous! Keep it up and he will slowly find ways to expand his palate.

  4. Awwwww- I love this post. We all have "an issue". a burden, something we struggle with, something that challenges us.

    Way to go Caleb and thank you big bro Charlie! That's what families are for- praise God!