Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fresh Face!


So I know it has been a bit cricket like around here lately

Honestly y'all

I am BUSY!!

I LOVE what I am doing and I LOVE working for Lifeline

but I am BUSY!!!

and things are about to get BUSIER!!

There are some exciting things happening at Lifeline and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it 

but I am BUSY!



I am trying to spruce things up a bit around here

ya know

get some bloggy excitement back


stay tuned for a slightly different look,

some additions to the ole blog maybe,

perhaps a surprise or two??

Gotta think on it.

I have enlisted some help, cause I just can't do it all myself

you know...

that "B" word again!


Get ready for the new face of Cornbread and Chopsticks

Stay tuned

cause you just never know what's around the bend

See, I am already excited!!!