Friday, April 27, 2012


To say that I am blown away seems like such a HUGE understatement right now!


I mean just 


Everyone has been so incredibly kind and supportive and encouraging and well just 
I have read each and every comment here 
each and every post on my FB page
every single email and...
I - am - in - awe!
In awe of the Lord's provision
In awe of the beautiful hearts that surround me
In awe of all of YOU!
I have said many times over the past 3 days that I have not cried so many joyful tears in a very long time - if ever!
You all have just touched my heart in a way that I cannot put into words
and I thank you...
and thank you 

and thank you!!!!
There are 2 beautiful ladies who have really just rallied around me, around this adoption and I hope they both know how much of an inspiration they have been to me!

Angie truly follows the Lord's will for her life and it is through her that I have been able to grow even more in my faith and now... we are able to work together for Lifeline!!!!  She has been an amazing friend.  She supported me as I struggled through the tough times and rejoiced with me during the great ones!  Love you dear Angie!

God is just SO good!

Tammy and I found each other through her beautiful daughter and what a privilege it was to witness their commitment to this precious child and to what they knew the Lord was asking them to do, even when it got hard!

They never faltered and truly inspired me!

Angie and Tammy have been advocating so hard for me - the advocate - and I feel so blessed by both of them!

Tammy has graciously offered to donate ALL of the proceeds for her beautiful, Be A Voice toggle bracelet.



Tammy, you just have such a beautiful heart and I thank you from the bottom of mine!

If you would like to order one of these beautiful bracelets, please go here, Be A Voice
to order one, maybe for Mother's Day???

Once again, I just have to say a huge, heartfelt

to each and every one of you.

You have truly blessed myself, my hubby and our children who are seeing and living the greatness of our Lord and the blessings that come from the struggles!



  1. Annie...its my pleasure. Right NOW I am sitting with my beautiful daughters… of which that you helped plant here...eating popcorn...she is NOT forgotten, afraid, full of unspeakable skin conditions. She is loved, chosen, and appreciated.
    KEEP up your voice as long as the Lord directs you……
    This is my pleasure….. BTW they can order ANYTHING from the site to benifit you....I am just showcasing the bracelet to honor you...a voice...
    Jim and Tammy

  2. It is my utmost pleasure to support you dearest friend! I can't wait to get my bracelet! Angie

  3. Yayayayayayay!! And yes I want one of those awesome bracelets!!

    I am so happy for you, for your family and for all that bring home these precious children!

    God is so GOOD!!


  4. I just ordered a bracelet! It is beautiful and perfect for me! I am so happy for you and your family. There may still be hope:) for us.

  5. Just ordered my bracelet! I can't wait for it to arrive. I love it. I may order another as a giveaway on my blog!


  6. I am ordering my bracelet now! Annie, thank you for introducing me to all these wonderful ladies who love orphans and answer God's call. It is a privilege to be part of it all.