Saturday, March 17, 2018

Amusement Park

Posted on January 29th

So the one thing Will wanted to do for his birthday was go to an amusement park. He told our guide that he had been to one before but was not allowed to ride any of the rides.... 


So, today he got to ride and oh my gosh, did he love it, even the scarier rides!!!

First was the bumper cars. I let him drive... 

we laughed... 

a lot!

Second was a ride that only Em and Dad could do. 

Em's screams attracted a crowd... 


Third was a small roller coaster. Em was screaming and Will was laughing.

Forth, the swings... again, Em was screaming and Will was laughing!

Fifth, the pirate ship. Um yeah, Em and Lizzie screaming... Will laughing!

Finally, back to the roller coaster again and again, Will asked to ride with Em and again, Em screaming and Will laughing!

It was a good day and one that I am so thankful Will got to have... with his family!

Please keep praying as reality is starting to sink in and we have had some times of quiet and of pushing boundaries at bit. 

Nothing that we did not expect but my heart hurts so much for him as I watch his heart process all of this. 

This should not have to be but this is a fallen world and even though I know that God will take all of Will's hurt and transform it into something beautiful, there is still hurt and pain and fear.

Thank you all!

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