Thursday, March 8, 2018


Posted January 27th 

Will's mobility is amazing! I have seen more of China this time than ever before. 

We are walking and climbing stairs and running and dodging traffic and Will is keeping right up!

As long as he has a hand to hold or an arm to lock with, he is good!

What trust and what courage! It is hard to wrap my heart around it all. The girls even tried closing their eyes as we walked to get a feel for what it must be like because we just can't believe how well he maneuvers.

One adventure that I missed out on last time is the Chinese Walmart!

With Maggie and Lucy, it was just too hard.

With Lizzie, we were on Shamian Island and Walmart was not!

This time, I think we were there just about every day!

So interesting.

We weren't brave enough to try many of these foods...

but they sure were fun to look at!

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