Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Charlie

Posted on January 29th while still in China

So Charlie's 18th birthday was yesterday. 

I hated not being there but I think Lucy may have made up for it. 

Y'all, look at the card Lucy made for Charlie, three pages front and back! Oh how I love my kids and love how they love each other.

According to my awesome Mom in law who agreed to come and stay at our house for the entire two weeks we are gone, Charlie has been amazing! He is getting the girls up, fed, dressed and off to school every day as well as picking them up and just managing our busy home.

She is threatening to take him home with her when she leaves

Sweet, funny, awesome Charlie... We love you and are so incredibly proud of the man you are becoming!

Oh and Lizzie says, "and we incredibly DON'T want you to go to Hawaii!!!!"

It never snows there!


Happy 18th birthday sweetie!

Aren't you excited!

You got a brother for your birthday!

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