Friday, March 23, 2018

The White Swan

Posted on January 30th

He called me "Mama" today! There are certain things we have been working on and this was one. 

Will has found it hard to call us anything but "hey, hey, hey" when he needs or wants something. 

When we talked to him about it last night, there was some push back and some quiet. I know there is a long road ahead but today was a big first step!

Now, on to the pictures! Most older adoptive families will recognize these pics!

We went to Shamian Island today...

and to the White Swan Hotel...

and to the famous "red couch"...

and to Lucy's, where we were seated at the exact same table we sat at 10 years ago!

It was hard not to get emotional as I walked through memories of our very first adoption, 10 years ago this June!

The moments that started the transformation of our lives began to flood my heart...

and I wanted to step back in time and hug my baby girl just a little bit tighter.

Oh how the Lord has used the last 10 years to mold and shape our hearts and our lives!

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