Saturday, March 24, 2018

Pearl River Cruise

Posted on January 31st 

Last night was the Pearl River Cruise.

Again, BTDT twice before but seeing it through Lizzie's 11 year old eyes was amazing!!

I am so thankful she is here and can learn more about a heritage that she has grappled with.

Will enjoyed it but the boat didn't go fast enough for him! Haha

Tomorrow we visit Lizzie's orphanage, as it is close. Walking through those doors again after 10 years will be surreal.

Lizzie is nervous but so excited to see the children who are there.  She picked out diapers and socks and candy, lots of candy to hand out.

When we visited 10 years ago, only days after we had met Lizzie, she was terrified and did not want the nannies to get near her!

Ten years ago, she got back on that bus with her new family, ready and eager to start her new life...

at two years old!

Bye Bye orphanage!

Tomorrow, I pray that she can release some of the fear and the hurt that has left its mark on her heart.

Maybe it is too much to hope for in a simple visit but I have seen how the Lord has already begun to use this trip to heal her broken heart.

Please cover my girl in prayer tomorrow!

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