Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Leaving Guiyang

Posted January 26th 

Will's very first plane ride! He was excited and a little nervous. Does he grasp that this is much more than just a plane ride?  Does he realize all that he leaves behind and all that lies ahead for him?

I don't think he truly understands what is ahead but does seem ready to start his new life.

So many emotions as we leave Guiyang and head to Guangzhou.

Bonding and attaching with older kiddos and even with younger ones, can be sloooowwww. It is a process and sometimes a long one. Today was a huge step forward for Will, and for us! Just as the plane started to take off, Will grabbed for both of our hands and seemed to be comforted by knowing we were near!

It is a step, the first of many and now we know. We know what lies ahead. We know the hard that is to come but we also know the joy and the laughter and the growth that comes from the intentional act of choosing to love.

A few things about Will:

He is happy.

He is so agreeable - so far.

He has the best laugh ever.

He is a stinky boy - yep got some work to do there! 

He talks fast, eats fast, drinks fast and walks fast!

He can run when he knows that he and Mom are in the middle of China traffic! Yikes!

He loves his Ipad.

He is worried about the language barrier.

He gets along so well and is so capable!

He LOVES spicy food and I do mean SPICY!

Keep praying for his heart as he transitions from the only world he has ever known to a completely foreign place that offers him a hope and a future but is still not "home", not yet... 

So many changes yet to come!  Trusting in the One who never changes!

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