Monday, August 2, 2010

So this is what boredom looks like!!!

Just take 2 big brothers to their 2 little sisters' dance class

It was only 45 minutes but you would have thought it was 45 HOURS!!!

Thank goodness the DS finally got out of timeout! 

We won't talk about how the DS got into timeout!!!  Hehe!!

Soon (although not soon enough for the boys) it was over

and we were headed home

I didn't tell them that we are invited back to watch this week!!!!  BWHAHAHAHAHAHA


  1. Cute post and pics!! Love the one in the bucket!

    So glad DS got out of timeout- whew!

  2. Ok that was funny. Like funny, funny. You crack me up! That bucket thing reminds me of that bucket bathtub that is all the rage in Europe right now. It's called Baby Womb Bath Bucket or something, makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. So glad everyone survived the 45 hour dance class! :)

  3. Poor boys! They looked like real troopers about it, though

  4. Hilarious! That is EXACTLY what my boys would have looked like if their DS was in "time out" while their little sister was doing something girly. So funny. I hate it when they get grounded from the most important possession they have....the DS. It's really just punishing ME!!!!


  5. Looks like my kids at an ortho appointment. :)