Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Birthday Hubby!

Yesterday was my wonderful Hubby's birthday, 42nd birthday!  I really can't tease him at all about his age because I am 5 years older than he his.  When he turned 35, I turned 40 and when he reached the big 4 - 0, I was not celebrating my 45th!!  You get the picture! 

It - really - stinks!!!  Hehe!

Anyway, Hubby and I met in the fall of 94 and were married about 1 1/2 years later and they have been the best 16 years of my life!  We met when I made the very smart decision to place one of my pet sitting fliers in his mailbox.  He called, we met, the dogs met and that was that! 

He is an amazing husband.

He loves me for who I am...

even when I take him down in our friendly family football!!!

As a Dad, he ROCKS!

He cried every single time one of our kids came into our lives

because he is a big softy

with a huge heart!

He knows just about everything about anything

or so he will tell you!  Heh!

He is a soccer coach

an amusing tea party guest

and just about anything we need him to be!

He is the optimist and the reason,

my children are so goofy!!!!  Hehe!

He likes to sleep and can be quite grumpy if you wake him up, unless

you know how to do it!

I cannot imagine my life without him

Don't want to imagine my life without him

I wanted to take some pictures today of my handsome hubby and his biggest fans but as usual getting everyone to sit, smile and behave at the same time is, well, daunting to say the least!

Posting them all!!

Hubby, setting a good example!  HEH!


Boys are smiling...

 and all it took was just the mere mention of the word - poop!


Then the girls....

look how nicely they are smiling for the camera.

Surely it was the overwhelming love in their hearts shining through?

Nope, it was the bribe of a Popsicle for a smile!!

But as much as they hate having their picture made, they sure do love their Daddy!

And - so - do - I!!

Happy Birthday My Love!! 

I cannot wait for the next 42 years, when we are knee deep in grandchildren, rescued pups, sweet memories and love, lots and lots of love!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Great post and great pictures! My hubby is 5 years older than me. It works!

  2. That was very sweet Ann! I love you both and am so proud to call your wonderful husband my wonderful brother! Thank you for giving him a beautiful family! We love you all so much!!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!
    (LOVE your guy as the "amusing tea party guest"!)

  4. That's GREAT Ann!! And he is a wonderful dad, husband and Coach!!! But, you always provide the great kick in the butt that all men need :-)

  5. Well Happy B-day to Ann's hubby! The story of how u two met sounds like a movie! Cool!

  6. Happy Birthday Chris!!!! Chris and Jamie ALMOST share a birthday!!!!

    They are alot alike! hehe

  7. I love the way you tell the story of your hubby's life through pictures. It's really a powerful testimony to the type of person he is. I think my favorite is of him with his girls at their tea party. It's a special dad who will don a frilly hat and play tea party with his girls.

  8. Beautiful post, Annie. He's only 40? Sheesh. It's a great family the 2 of you have built. Rock on!

  9. Fun, fun post! Love it. Happy birthday to a fun dad!

  10. Awesome...happy birthday! I love when people take the time to focus on their husbands!!

  11. Ok that was just about the sweetest thing ever! Happy Birthday!!

  12. How sweet Annie! Happy belated birthday to your hubby! You have a beautiful family together!


  13. Great tribute. Happy Birthday!!

  14. aww happy birthday and great post!

  15. Thank you for praying for precious Johnny!

  16. So, soooo sweet!! I must have missed this when I was in 'the fog'... so glad I found it on your FB page :)
    What a wonderful tribute to the birthday boy!