Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - I should have known

I should have known this girl of mine would have it all figured out.

I should have known that nothing would stand in her way.

I should have known that her sweet little hands that aren't quite big enough to grasp the monkey bars in gymnastics would not stop her from being a complete monkey.

I should have known that not having some of her fingers would not stop her from wanting pretty pink fingernail polish on every little finger, whether it had a fingernail or not.

I should have known that having a foot that was turned completely backwards and upside down would not stop her from walking and running and jumping - neither would 18 different clubfoot casts.

I should have known that teaching herself how to shuffle a deck of cards was on her list, yet it still amazed me.

I guess I will continue to be amazed by my beautiful, determined daughter.

From my brother, I knew to expect determination and brilliance from my Lizzie and yet she never ceases to surprise and inspire with her complete understanding that she can and will do whatever she puts her mind to and that her perfect little hands are just that - her - perfect - hands.

I should have known that her hands would not hinder her but rather make her strive harder and accomplish more and I have a feeling that those beautiful hands will continue to inspire greatness in herself and all those around her. I know she has inspired me

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Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Incredibly inspiring! Thank you for sharing the strength of your beautiful little one! I also love your Soccer Mom icons :) I hope to one day be one as well.

  2. I can only imagine that Lizzie is a big inspiration to those she's around. Her determination and spirit will help her go so far in life!

  3. what a great accomplishment! :) good for her!

  4. That Lizzie is something else, Annie!! She is beautifully and wonderfully made, indeed :) Love her courage and determination... she will accomplish ANYthing she decides to :)
    Happy Sunday to you and your beautiful family!!

  5. Wow! Lizzie is beautiful and inspiring! What a determined girl you have, love it!

  6. What a determined, spirited & beautiful young lady Lizzie is!

  7. I think I would be amazed by that everyday if I was in your shoes too how could you not be. to see your children over come what you or others might think to be struggles would be awe inspiring. GOOD FOR HER! thats amazing!

  8. Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. That was the sweetest thing ever!! You go Lizzie!!

  10. And if we all decided that nothing would stop us...
    Imagine what a world we would live in if we all faced life like Lizzie!

  11. Oh what a blessing she is! You go Lizzie! That perseverance is MIGHTY!

  12. I am just kinda catching up on some of my favorite blogs....


    Your Lizzie!!!! She just brings tears to my eyes!!!

    (deep sigh!)

    What a great kid!!! :)