Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fruit Salad - Yummy, Yummy!!

Ok, so you have to be a Wiggles aficionado (try getting that one right without spell check) to appreciate the title of this post, or have a couple of 3 year olds living with you!!! However, I decided that we would make like a Wiggle and create a fruit salad. It's healthy and delicious and oh so Summery (is that a word?)! It looked absolutely beautiful when it was done, but... Christian kind of liked the green things, Charlie would eat the red things and Lizzie liked the purple things! Caleb liked none of it and Em and I, well just let me say that we would have made Wiggle Anthony proud!!!!

We also decided to balance the healthy stuff with a little sugar!!! We made cookies!!! Once again, the sprinkles reigned supreme! I swear, when these girls get married, they are going to want sprinkles on their wedding cakes!!!! UGH!!!


  1. I think I'll have a big bowl of fruit salad--without the sprinkles! Love your new blog, by the way. Love, Monica

  2. Wow they loooove sprinkles. That fruit salad looked delicious.

    I belong to Adoption Voices too.