Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red Rice!

As most of my family and friends and well anyone who will listen knows, Lizzie just does not eat. We keep her going on a sugary sweet comb of Pediasure (chaching) and Carnation Instant Breakfast, or for those in the know - CIB!! We have tried working with a completely wonderful OT and even put her a medication to help stimulate her appetite. Some things worked a little bit while others failed miserably. Some things worked for a while and then all of a sudden, not! It has been very difficult and frustrating to say the least. Lizzie came to us at 2 years of age weighing 17 pounds and wearing 3 month size clothing. Can you even imagine? I couldn't and I still have a hard time remembering exactly HOW little she was. As soon as we got her, my first instinct was to FEED her. Lizzie, however, had another plan in mind. As happy as she seemed to be with us, she had just lost control over everything single thing in her life. Everything all at once was turned upside down and no longer her familiar routine. As difficult as I believe her life was, it was still her life as she knew it and we were messing all that up. I think that the only thing she could control was whether or not she was going to eat and what she was going to eat. Give Lizzie a bag of "blue" Doritos and she can inhale that thing in less time that it takes to open the bag. Put her at the table for a meal, however, and you would think she was being tortured! I am lucky to get 2 bites in her of any one thing on her plate! For anyone who has ever dealt with eating issues, you know how extremely difficult it can be. You don't want to make food more of an issue than it already is, but you want them to eat - desperately - especially when they weigh 17 pounds at 2 years old!! Anyway, there are 2 foods that Lizzie just loves - tacos and red rice. She seems to prefer spicy! I wonder why??? Hehe!! I was heating her up some red rice in the microwave the other day and turned around to find this:

"My red rice!"

She didn't eat the whole bowl but was pretty darn close!! I slept good that night!!


  1. Little T likes the "red" bag Doritos and turns her nose up at the blue! Ha - too funny.

    You are doing great - keep her eating what she likes, the pounds will come on slowly but surely. You know how small Little T is but she seems to eat everything and just burn it off with her energy hopping all over the place!

    Have you tried yogurt or fresh fruit? What about some empty calories like candy? (ugh - can't believe I even suggested that!!) Little T loves salad and tomatoes! She wasn't sure about the toms at first until we let her grow her own and then look out! As soon as we showed her that it came from "her" plant she was all over it - maybe try that?


  2. awww :) LOve the picture :) I need the red rice recipe :) Noah prefers things with some seasoning to them too. All that bland congee I guess. So how much does she weigh now? Noah is huge compared to her at 2. He is 25 pounds and 2 years and 3 months old! My daughter now was smaller than yours at 2 so I was use to that :) Not my gentle giant! heehee


  3. Too cute! The tan lines crack me up!

  4. That is great she has found something to like. Eric tells people that Emogene lived on ketchup and boogers for her first three years. He is sooooo gross.

  5. I'm sorry, I'm too busy laughing at Tricia's comment to make sense here, but... keep on plugging away. We spent our first six months together fighting off a failure to thrive diagnosis, working with an OT and a dietitian (the Tongginator lost weight after we came home, when she REALLY needed to gain). She was so tiny for a long time, but now look at her! She'll be in kindergarten this fall and in the 50% for height and weight - on the AMERICAN charts.

    As an aside, we did have lots of success with the cookbook "First Meals" by Annabel Karmel. We started the Tongginator on the six-months-and up diet and worked our way to progress. It was a ton of work, but I tended to quadruple recipes and freeze them in muffin tins so that I had Tongginator-sized meals ready to microwave.

  6. The idea about letting her try her hand at her own plant or garden might be a good idea (I know you said you don't garden.). At any rate, don't push too hard, as you already know not to, and Lizzie will come around eventually. She does have favorites, so that is a very good sign. May you all learn to LOVE red rice!

  7. Found you from the No Hands but Ours blog links...our little girl was 19.5 pounds at 2 years and had been home for 8 months. After the dreaded "Failure to Thrive" diagnosis, we worked hard to get her to eat (and still do). CIB is our friend ("chok-it milk" after every meal she eats). She now weighs 24.4 pounds at 3 years old. Still below the American charts, but we're getting there....slowly.

    {hug} Just keep at it, that's what we had to do (well that and I kept giving her anything to eat 24 hours of the day if she asked for it)