Monday, July 13, 2009

A Day at the Ballet

OK, so yesterday the girls wanted to dress up in their tutus. Being the crazy, camera toting, Mom of 3 boys that I am, I thought, "Great, we will have some fun, girly dress up time AND I can get some beautiful pictures of my sweet, gentle girls!! Yeah right!! Who was I kidding??? I will post the beautiful picture (notice the the lack of a plural there) that I got AND what happened after.

What sweet little girls - right?

Let the Ballet Brawl Begin!!

Marsh Ballet

After the ballet brawl (no ballerinas were injured during the taking of those photos), the kids and I decided to take a bike ride, tutus and all! We have some really beautiful bike trails in our neighborhood and we ended up on one of the trails that takes you over the marsh. We decided to stop and get off the bikes for a while to enjoy the view. Good so far!! The kids loved the fiddler crabs and before I knew it the boys were in the marsh chasing the crabs, quickly followed by the girls - tutus and all!!! Big brothers are great, aren't they??? I had to laugh and wondered what would our neighbors think if they looked out their windows and saw two tiny ballerinas tromping around in the marsh!! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so I was taking pics with my phone!! Enjoy the pics of our Marsh Ballet!!


What Crabs? Where?

Right here!!!

Do I really want to be in here???

Notice the mud!!!!

All is well!!!

So after the wonderful ballets we enjoyed, it was time to go home and relax! As we were eating popsicles in the backyard, I saw it!!! The weed! Although I do not garden (well, pretty much never), I do love to pull weeds!! Strange, I know but I just love to pull up a weed, root and all!!! Insert maniacal laughter here!!!! Anyway, this particular weed was, um, just a little bit, um, shall we say large!! As I pulled up this weed, I felt just like a big game hunter!!! Hehehe!!!!


  1. Ann, that's not a weed; it's a TREE!

  2. I love this kind of ballet! Great pictures!

  3. BwwwaaaaHaHaHa! And I love the crocs. Because they fit any occasion, whether it be ballet or brawling.