Sunday, July 26, 2009

I scream for Ice Cream!!

First of all, thank you to everyone who replied to my "Red Rice" post! Tricia, I laughed out loud at your "boogers and ketchup" comment!! Lizzie doesn't eat either, by the way!! Although, if boogers were full of fat and calories, I just might encourage the habit!! They aren't, are they? Hehe!! Anyway, we had another fabulous weekend at E. Beach and guess what Lizzie discovered? ICE CREAM!!! Talk about fat and calories!! Amazing what a little sand, surf and heat and humidity will do!!! Do you think ice cream is good on broccoli?? Below is a picture of what Lizzie looked like after devouring, I mean enjoying her chocolate vanilla swirl!

Here are some other cute shots from our little piece of heaven on earth!!

A couple of rare shots of the usual photographer - me!!


  1. Ah, dipping broccoli in ice cream~~there's a thought. Seriously, have you tried "dipping sauces"? softened peanut butter, yogurt, etc? Sometimes kids like the novelty of dipping their food.

    That profile picture of Em looks just like you.

  2. Hi Annie, I met your friend, Jenny, this weekend and she gave me your blog address. Your family is just lovely and I look forward to reading about them! We brought our daughter home just a few months before you.


  3. My kids are so deprived. They don't get all that fun beach time. Great pictures!

    For the record, Emogene actually didn't eat the boogers part, but her daddy is part comedian and wanted to make people laugh.